Find 10 differences: Catrice vs Eveline. Video makeup


Concealer Catrice loved by many, but that’s on the horizon in the past year (maybe sooner?) was a very clear competitor from the Polish brand Eveline. Let us find out and compare who 😀

I’ll note that I have a combination skin, prone with oily T-zone, flaws (shortcomings you’ll see below) and enlarged pores around the nose and bridge of nose.

First, about the conspicuous similarities between Catrice and l’oreal:

  • Packaging: frosted glass with pipette
  • Very liquid texture

According to the manufacturer’s effect:

  • matting
  • vitality 24 hours
  • imperceptible on the face
  • good overlapping disadvantages
  • HD-effect (I understand this as zablujena and smoothing of the skin that looks good on the photo/video)

Now, about each separately.

Catrice HD Coverage Liquid Foundation 010

About it already wrote the post, but now it is interesting for us in comparison to Eveline.

  • Texture — slightly pigmented, oily water 🙂
  • Good mask defects
  • The coating gives medium to dense
  • Needs no dusting
  • Persistent — 7-8 hours in good condition exactly, then it becomes more noticeable on the face
  • Not peeling stresses
  • The coating is not super invisible (taking into account the density and blocking ability), but very natural. The face doesn’t look too made up.
  • Aroma: sweet, pleasant
  • A volume of 30 ml

Eveline Cosmetics Liquid Control Drops HD Mattifying Foundation 010

It’s all very similar to Catrice, perhaps with some nuances

  • Texture: a light pigmented water 🙂
  • It is necessary to shake! Shake and shake again, otherwise the skin transferred to the white balls that leave strips. They can shade, but I wish they were not 🙂
  • Good mask defects
  • Very good (!!!) blurit and hides pores
  • The coating gives medium to dense
  • Needs no dusting
  • Persistent — 7-8 hours in good condition for sure
  • Can highlight peeling
  • The coating is more noticeable than the Catrice, in my opinion more natural
  • Aroma: nice fresh easy
  • More brand packaging
  • Volume 32 ml

Let’s take a more visual comparison.

Eveline left, right CatriceБез makeup. Quite:)

Struck on different side of face both tones. No concealer, just the tone.

Left photo — Catrice, right — Eveline

Let’s take a closer

Left photo — Catrice, right — EvelineСлева in the photo — Catrice, right — EvelineCatriceEveline. On the cheek still remained white balls — not postracial 🙁

The results: if not tested together, the differences would be difficult to find kraaayne.

I would pick Evelyn, because he cuuute easier and better because blurit.

But these white balls are annoying of course.

If recommend them according to skin types, Katris — for more dry, since I took the pomegranate and has a slightly more oily texture (but this is only in comparison). And Evelyn would recommend for normal to oily skin with enlarged pores, and better still no peeling.


Catrice: 550 rubles

Eveline: 500 rubles


Catrice: 9+/10 for lack of anti-aliasing then

Eveline: 9+/10 for the troubles with the shaking

Have you tried any of these tone? do you like it?

Thanks for reading!


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