First frost lipstick Rouge Dior Couture Color Lipstick in 976 Daisy Plum

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Good morning, everyone.

Outside the window in full autumn with its red-gold trees, mountain ash and other crops, and I looking at all this grace, immediately I remembered how I was as a child in the late summer could not wait for the fall to go to school in new clothes and new school supplies. And once school, I sometimes I can’t wait for the new season to try something that is bought in the anticipation:).

So last summer I couldn’t wait for the fall to wear my latest acquisition from Dior lipstick Rouge Dior Couture Color Lipstick in 976 Daisy Plum.

The lipstick that I bought back in July or August when I set out to find a new plum lipstick myself in the fall. After seeing various swatches on the Internet, I liked this particular shade of lipsticks from Dior, and I went shopping. In the Dior corner we have not had a tester of this lipstick, although she herself was available, but I’m a little poumnevshie, however, decided to take a chance and lipstick to take, since even the title is present drain (before this logic will not resist!????), and today I share it with you.

The lipstick is packaged in the traditional Dior dark blue box with silver embossing.

On the back of the product:

The case is made of plastic, also in dark blue and silver colors. The lipstick cap tightly closed until it clicks; on top of the letters of the logo, and he was inside a bright red color, and I add such a bright note very much.

The lipstick is firmly kept in box, not loose, no signs of case if you use not acquire. Perfume classic fondant, weight 3.5 grams, the production of France.

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The color of the lipstick stick plum do it, however, as there is very fine Golden shimmer — that he is a fervent element of the Daisy :). This element is particularly well seen in the sun.

This shimmer adds volume to the lipstick, makes it, in my opinion, more lively cloudy autumn days and especially in the sun, giving it a subtle metallic sheen. Lipstick seems to be translucent when applied in a single layer, but it is easily layered to desired intensity (two layers is enough to fully cover the natural pigment of the lips). The lipstick is easy to bear and not plesivec.


(in a single layer (bottom) and two in different lighting)

In the daylight in the roomIn the sun, slightly at an angleIn the electric lightIn the bright sunIn the back of the room at an angle. So I often see this shade when they are in office.

On the lips the lipstick feels great: easy to apply (drags the skin), not rolled, not out of the loop and not even dries my lips. Despite the presence of shimmer, the lipstick feels creamy when applied. Shimmer slightly felt, but absolutely does not scratch the skin and no discomfort creates.

The durability of the lipstick is also wonderful: the lipstick does not fade for 5-6 hours, soak coffee, snacks and long conversations, but after a full meal requires podpravki. Coming off evenly, remove without traces micellar water, and shimmer for a leaves.

The lipstick looks completely different in the sun and in the shade/indoors, and I like both.

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On the lips:

With the simple eye makeup:

The lipstick I really liked it — there is no one to her comments. And although I in some way bought at random purchase, I was very pleased. Recommend!

Rating: 5

Price: $37

Thank you for your attention!????

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