Five o Clock Au Gingembre Serge Lutens


What associations are born in your imagination, when you think about this country?

Let me guess: London, the Royal family, big Ben, Thames, restraint, good manners, specific humor, traditions, fog, Sherlock Holmes, oatmeal and of course tea.

And there is a scent that fully embodies all of the above.

I’m talking about the scent of Five O’clock Au Gingembre from Serge Lutens.

Remember the house, where, to escape the war took away four of the Pevensie children — the same one where there was a wardrobe, a portal into the magical world of Narnia?

In this house, and in the house where Oxford University Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien wrote his works, was, in my opinion, to smell that way – Five O’clock Au Gingembre.

When I smell it, I can think of some such picture

2008, perfumer Christopher Sheldrake

Oriental-spicy niche unisex fragrance

Top notes: black tea & bergamot

Middle notes: ginger, cinnamon and wood

Base notes: cacao, honey, amber, patchouli, pepper

Persistence and plume: average, like most of the SL fragrances; for me, the brand most comfortable intensity.

Of the pyramid of fragrance loudest sound ginger, tea and cinnamon. While it is absolutely impossible to call gourmet. There is no cute feeling of comfort and ruddy-cheeked children in fluffy Slippers, stealing from the kitchen of sweet pastries. It is very stiff and balanced and English discreet.

I would call this fragrance suitable for autumn or winter time, at least to imagine anyone smelling it in the summer, I could not, and her hand does not stretch. It for walks in the autumn or winter Park with tea Tumblr, for meetings with friends, with family. Home to while away the evening in your favorite chair, under a blanket, with a lamp and a favorite book of fantasy in the hands.

In my collection the fragrance is presented in the form of a rapidly emptying Atlanta more of the first editions, with Palais Royal. The real thing so that looks like black tea leaves. This year I would buy a bottle or residue in the bottle.

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