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In continuing the story of my personal olfactory geography I want to tell you about the country that shaped my perfume hobby a long life — about Canada. And, of course, about perfume one way or another connected with this country.

Canada… Vast, beautiful, sparsely populated country, full of unexplored corners… It struck me to the heart from the first minute I met her. Canada helped me to get rid of a ton of post-Soviet complexes and to learn to love myself, and taught to love and understand people. And, of course, where I discovered the world of perfumery, learned to distinguish the notes, feel the scents and wear them, not treating them only as accessories.

To Canada the perfume was for me part of the image, a very expensive part, as a way of life in the USSR did not approve of such spending. In Canada, the aromas become a fetish and collectible because of its accessibility, ability to test, collect… When I came back from this wonderful country, I dragged a suitcase full of bottles, he flew with me on the plane (there was no issues with liquids on Board). And in Russia, sitting with suitcases in an embrace, I realized that the flavors are able to send us back into the past, to revive memories on a deeper than mental level.

The most striking feature that caught my eye, was very clean. The people, the smells of nature, shopping centers and gyms, smells, taxis and the streets — they were either pleasant or absent. Impeccably clean parks, roads, snow, cafe, streets, embankments, forests (Yes, forests perfectly clean, as if every square meter has its own forest nurse, and also landscape designer) was impressed and has led to the fact that I have long forgotten about the existence of unpleasant odors. Canada was able to constantly and clearly feel the pine scented morning air was always fragrant and fresh. Autumn is the most fragrant time of the year; she’s in Canada colorful and bright like an explosion of colors, didn’t smell like dirt and rotting leaves. The leaves gently Preli, crystal smelled the rain; the smell of moist wood and a hot chocolate at Starbucks with joy and comfort. It’s the olfactory world, where you’re not afraid to smell is because our sense of smell is easy to develop, just breathing in the different smells and focusing on their perception. That’s where I learned to hear the notes of the spirits, because his nose was set to “whisper” and the nuances of nature and the perfume I bought was used by me very carefully.

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Features of scents of satellites in this country full of political correctness, acceptance, empathy, politeness, therefore, public cleanliness and hygiene, as a social courtesy in the first place, and not loud, not causing discomfort to others fragrances, in the second.

At that time I, like many of our women, to undermine the generous beauty shops, enjoy different flavors of luxury brands, With such an abundance I was always amazed at how the local women resist the temptations. Canadians, sharing with me, explained: the fragrance — it is intimate, for special occasions, for yourself or for two, for the wife…So the one bottle for life (desirable). On the other hand, remember the charming canadian grandmothers, doing the daily ritual of laying white or podchinennyh hair, dressed and made up, travelling away in the clouds of French perfume, typically the Chanel or Lancome…

The presence of a huge perfume shops were a serious test for my unstable impressionable nature. It is in this country formed the basis of my collections have passed through my hands all the iconic fragrances of all available at that time, luxury brands, perceived by me, as the only existing direction perfumes (Hello, France!). But remember: this Suite then, was really good…

As for fragrance and flavoring, Canadians have always been exceptionally clean, washed, fresh, aromas of deodorants and shower gels close to natural and as pleasant for most. But spirits, like those in daily use I have not seen. Sometimes, participating in holidays of the local residents or inviting them to her, I felt their scent, very old-school, long and tenderly stored, used, drop by drop. Often women are told that the scent gave them a mother or a sister to the wedding, and the scent stayed with them for many years, used on special occasions. In ordinary life the spirits smelled just women in my circle, a foreigner, a rare inhabitant of large cities. Once in Montreal, I visited the bar street on the waterfront, where I saw many different kinds of pairs, and there hovered the flavors are very bright and fashionable. But it was evening, summer and special atmosphere, in addition, the French part of Canada was the other.

This country has expanded my olfactory vocabulary — I learned new smells that do not exist in our reality. Very vividly remember the smell of maple SAP and maple syrup: characteristic sweet flavor without cloying, with a rich woody flavors and bitterness of wild honey. Remember the smell of mushrooms in November; Yes, there’s no one collects, and they stand frozen for a night, and the bright smell of mycelium tart and dry leaves fallen from the trees. Remember the smell of the skins flying mouse that fell on my shoulder during evening Cycling: very warm and gentle, with a hint of musk a small child. Don’t forget the aroma of hot cherry wine at the rink during Christmas time: the smell felled the mighty cedars, which are mixed with fresh wet wood note, a drop of pine resin and air, are infinitely malleable. And still — aroma balm from colds, the smell of licorice in beverages and candy in winter and autumn, the scent of hot chocolate in tiny cups. The authentic aroma of the croissants, I also first came to know it was there. In this olfactory profile was very well accepted a variety of old school perfume, like Chanel 5, Mitsouko (a rarity in those latitudes), and Shalimar and others like them. These retro flavors was quite a place: special occasion, awkwardly sitting fancy dress (only because there is no habit to wear it) and a drop of thick classic odor.

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Of the canadian period remember thick, bright and at that time unusual fragrance of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, an old fashioned “sticky” boudoir.

Very attracted me then honey clove hard; it was something new for my nose. The flavor was good the next day in the train; in the pyramid — all the sea: orange blossom, peach, plum, violet, anise, rose, honey, carnations, tuberose, Orchid, white freesia, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, Lily of the valley, sandalwood, amber, musk, moss, heliotrope, cedar. All that is, and the maximum, at full volume! To me it seemed the scent of a fallen woman (so I acted carnation), so canadian gentle natural open spaces it has excited my heart and troubled soul.

Another scent that has rocked me to the core, sold in drogerie for mere pennies, — Jovan Musk, consisting of notes of Jasmine, neroli, bergamot and musk. But it was not Jasmine, neroli… That was a classic, thick, bodily, seductive musk. While it seems old grandma (by the way, the aroma of 1972, but it is still possible to buy freely abroad), someone the groin rumpled bed after an afternoon romp. Stuffy, but not suffocating, extremely persistent, he has become for me the embodiment of the present musk. Much later, well I sat down on creation Narcisso Rodrigues for Her showed me the same musk, but in a more delicate and tender frame.

If you ask me about what scents from my modern set remind me of the olfactory profile Canada, call two.

The first is Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas, delicate, thin, oil cedar; moreover, some silver, frosted, sounding like the cedars of sound in the mountainous regions of Canada: this fragrance — the sound of mountain streams, the aroma of the swollen spring buds, creamy cocoa drink on the wooden terrace of a country house. However he is monotonous, as living in the mountains of Canada))

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Another canadian brand of our time, which I love and wear — ZOOLOGIST PERFUMES

The brand is very young, its concept is interesting. On the official website of the brand written: inspiration to create a perfume taken from nature. Animals, their behavior, habits, and peculiarities — this was the impetus for the creation of many beautiful compositions. Perfume brand designed to reconnect the owner of the bottle of living nature, to remind where we come from. Quite a canadian story — a love of nature and animals permeated everything in this country))

Around the famous Bat, Camel, Elephant and other fragrances of the brand a lot of strange information. Someone smells of cellar droppings of bats and so on. I personally see here the influence of marketing brand and names. The flavors in a blind zatista not seem strange, on the contrary, very interesting and unusual. Just by reading the title “Elephant”, our minds will be actively izskati there elephant. I don’t feel it nothing but lush greenery, vladnih wood and soft coconut milk.

Or the famous BAT (bat). Created in 2015 Ellen Covery, Fig-fruit, resinous pine with a nice musky base, quite a nice and unusual. He is a regular representative of modern niches, without reverence towards Commerce.

Top notes: banana, fruity notes, mineral accord

Middle notes: Fig, tropical fruits, myrrh, resin, green notes

Base notes: musk, leather, vetiver, sandalwood, Tonka beans absolute

The aroma is very finely tuned and sits only when its sound perfectly matches your personal associations, originating in your departurefrom mirooschuschenie. In your current past, untouched by the adjustment of the marketing. About this fragrance. And this is my personal country Canada)

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