Fluctuations of buyers between science and nature is destroying the beauty market

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According to analysts Mintel, the study of what consumers prefer science, nature, or their combination, choosing cosmetics or personal care products is a key factor in order to understand how the global market for cosmetic industry in ten years.

Science and nature, on the one hand, they confront each other, on the other, constitute a unity of some trends in the beauty and personal care. The study of this issue and has been the company Mintel published its latest report on global trends in beauty and personal care by 2030.

“Over the next 10 years consumers will be torn between nature and science. Advances in software and hardware, applications, and augmented reality will mark the fourth industrial revolution, substantially changing the methods of selecting, buying and consumers interact with beauty products and personal hygiene,” says Sarah Jindal, senior global analyst for innovation and Analytics, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care. Within this spectrum of “science and nature” consumers will change their opinion about what is “natural” or “pure.”

“As soon as lab created products continue to enter the market, the comfort of the consumers in terms of the use of biotechnology will increase. At the same time, distrust of “clean” and “green” products will make consumers carefully examine the list of ingredients and put into question the efficiency of goods – adds Sarah Jindal. We see that biometrics offers an innovative way for companies to interact more personally with consumers by providing personalization”.

In 2030, according to experts from Mintel, the industry is “pure beauty” will cease to be different from the usual, because the focus will be on transparency and ekologicheski, not the marketing of fear. “Success will only be achieved by those brands that offer full transparency and avoid misunderstandings,” – emphasizes Jindal. Waste-free, developed and grown in a lab natural ingredients, available information, transparency are some of the key points of this trend.

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