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Under testing is a new drug foam containing antibiotics of local action, which can be an effective method for the treatment of acne for moderate and severe stages.

The company Foamix Pharmaceuticals developed for the treatment of acne on the basis of the minocycline. If the research of this substance will be successful, and the Management on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) approves its use in the cosmetic industry, the drug will be the first of its kind in the United States.

Minocycline can be assigned orally for the treatment of acne. The product from Foamix – FMX101, is intended to reduce inflammatory lesions of acne without the potential systemic side effects characteristic of the use of oral antibiotics. The company in December 2018 has filed an application for registration of a new drug to the FDA for approval of the product.

The company Foamix has completed several stages of clinical trials of the effectiveness of FMX101. In the latest research, the scientists observed that the percentage of inflamed acne lesions between the recipients. Treated FMX101 and control group significantly differed. At week 12 in the treatment group with FMX101 observed decrease acne by 56%, while in the control group, the figure was 43%. Non-inflammatory lesions also demonstrated a statistically significant improvement after use.

Testing also measured the skin tolerability of the product, assessing the degree of itching, skin peeling, erythema, hyperpigmentation and dryness, with a score of 0 – none; 1 – mild degree; 2: moderate symptoms; 3 – severe degree. At week 12, more than 95% was 0 or 1 points.

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“A large body of clinical data on FMX101, including the results of the most recent studies suggest that the drug can offer patients effective treatment in a comfortable and safe the form of a foam for topical application. I believe that in case of approval it has the potential to meet significant unmet need in this difficult to treat disease,” commented principal investigator Edward lane, doctor of medical science, head doctor of Sanova Dermatology, in a press release.

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