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Everyone already knows who I am susceptible to buy for reviews))

And, recently, the production of Silk manufacturers did not give me rest…

Lit I purchase silk swabs for daily exfoliation… went to the site, looked around, found his napkin, but to pay more than half of the cost for shipping… so I decided to watch something else) purchase budget deliberately restricted myself to 1000± in the case of frustration will not hurt????. The second position was the scrunchie)

If You are wondering what happened next, come on, tell)

I’m not one to admire packaging-jars and other external attributes, apparently, used to have that for a certain amount, this option is enabled by default, but I can’t not mention the amazing supply of products by the company! I’m especially pleased that it’s domestic production, and, by God, give it not a shame! In the package was a large envelope, one side sealed with a wax seal and adorned with a cocoon, on the other hand on the envelope depicts a St. Petersburg drawbridge) well and as soundly in a pack was gathered a cloth and a rubber band.

As they say, a trifle — but nice)

But let’s turn to the heroes post.

Silk scrunchy to the color “White pearl”. Here I have a niggle: the colours on the website, malooo! I would love black, dark blue, beige, Golden… but choose not particularly necessary and I took white)

Gum are made to last, strong in tension very elastic. The composition of gum — 95% silk and 5% elastane. For those with thick hair will be able to give two turns, for girls with thin hair — three. Not elastic pulls hair when removing it literally slides off of the hair, but hair generally is not shifted. The question arises: how? as pure silk gum all day to keep a hair? I would say that don’t know, but this feature was noticed for scarves made of natural silk, they are not fall from the head, they do not have to correct every 10 minutes (most of devushek Russia about this, of course, does not speak, but girl from the North Caucasus will understand me, and if, on occasion, need to spend the day under a scarf, it often becomes a continuous hassle????????♀ app) I think, few who are not familiar with the rubber bands Invisibal, and so, they slip from the hair and rip them up (at least for me). Invisibeam I have now, they are comfortable if the elastic band should not be seen, but uncomfortable for me at best. With elastic Silk manufactory, not fixing her hair, you can go through the whole day. At least, correct in the middle of the day) it especially helps when you wear a high ponytail — gum beautifully it raises, keeps, and when removing hair, not pulling a lot of hairs drawn in a day, so one or the other. As well she holds the twisted tuft of hair.

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Top tried to show how gum lifts “tail” elastic band in two turns, the bottom tied up hair, too, two turns of the bands, in both cases can go all day without worrying that the hair will disintegrate)

And under the scarves and shawls gum behaves well) elastic band does not stretch in a “zero”, yet does not lose elasticity, I hope this will continue… Bonus makes it so that the head of parentzone doesn’t hurt.

The only thing you can’t call downside and costs color easily soiled. Washed and dried it is easy, appearance is not spoiled. But I hope that the manufacturer will expand the color selection.

Price — 500 rubles on of.the website

Assessment — solid 5

Use for a few weeks.

Cloth for exfoliation. Again, I about appearance), perfectly finished edges, color ivory, in corner loop for drying and a small decorative button) material — 100% silk) eye candy aesthetic????

The same loop, hung by which the cloth can be dried)

Here is her specifications:

At the touch of a sufficiently elastic cloth, that should work. The manufacturer recommends to use it for washing, soaked in his hands with a cloth while massaging the face and washing the face remains damageing Affairs)

I wash and flush the foam from the face, moisten the cloth with water and light(!) movements, dooshima it. I don’t recommend rubbing your face with a zeal for the napkin this is not the gentle, mechanical exfoliation feels. Too hard I would also not call, just need to know the measure. After washing, the skin becomes glossy, tactile very pleasant… and when washing after a day or two this peel gives a good result, use it every day you don’t dare)

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As a person with extremely sensitive skin, I’d be careful and would not have to use a napkin after funds that are designed to skrabirovanie/exfoliate/deep clean, because by putting such an experiment with silicone brush Double Deir, I was faced with inflammation and rashes — perechistili called. Otherwise, a very pleasant part of the care we take pleasure in.

Price — 600 rubles on of. the website

Rating is 5

Time use — a few weeks

PS Already ordered the gift of the same specimens, there was a desire to get acquainted with the products of the manufactory on) and still, it’s nice that producer????????

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