For the first time. about café mimi. Mousse cleanser for dry and sensitive skin with cotton extract and witch hazel.

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Love to try the makeup budget, especially if it is from a Russian manufacturer. Today I have a little post dedicated to mousse face wash from mimi cafe.

Mark’s cafe mimi little-known, but it has a pretty good range of facial care, hair, body. On. unfortunately, I have not found a single mention of cafe mimi. But the concept of the brand is very interesting and includes five principles, which many will be very close:

  • the natural ingredients in each product;
  • all products of the brand comes in an unusual packaging from recycled plastic;
  • striking design;
  • the use of soft, but at the same time reliable preservatives;
  • products are not tested on animals.

Their familiarity with the brand I decided to start with cleansing the face – mousse cleanser for dry and sensitive skin with cotton extract and witch hazel, as this is one of the most often ending with the products in my care.

Cafe mimi Mousse Washing cotton and hazel extracts.

So, packaging. She caught my attention — a bright, positive and unusual. This soft capacity, I think it’s called “doy-pack”, often found not in the beauty shop, and grocery. Yes, the packaging is very similar to mayonnaise, or ketchup, is that cover the other don’t come off, and leans back. The product scope is small — 100 ml. by the Way, mark all of your funds are released in packages with small volumes. This is another fact, which I like.

At first I doubted the quality of packaging, but time has shown that she is very strong, and in two months of use looks like new. Of the shortcomings — the tool collects and dries up under the hood. It is necessary not to forget, and often to clean the dispenser.

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To remove the mousse from the packaging, it should turn over and just click.

All product information is on the back of the packaging:

The composition was placed on the bottom:

Attention! The product contains SLS. I know for many its presence in food is undesirable. Everything else was very good — there are plant oils and extracts. Preservatives, incidentally, is really quite loyal.

The texture of a mousse, in my opinion, the mousse is not similar. I’m used to, that air and heavily studded. Here, light, but still cream. Its consistency reminds me of whipped protein with sugar.

The aroma is a separate line. Pleasant, fresh, unobtrusive.

For the purification process are added into the mousse of water and rubbed it in his hands. Surprisingly, despite the presence of SLS, the tool practically does not foam and becomes like a liquid jelly, or more precisely — on cream.

In this form, put it on your face, massaging for about a minute, then wash off with water. Washed off for a long time, and if not washed off until the end, it nedomytye feeling will stay with you for a long time.

Just note that the mousse is not suitable for removing makeup. I tried. The result was disastrous — the ink had smudged under her eyes, the remnants of tonal imprinted on the towel. So for me, the mousse was just for a morning wash. But with this task it copes perfectly well. Does not sting the eyes, the skin after washing your face fresh, soft, tender, not dry.

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And follow-up.

Mousse I liked. It has some pros: interesting packaging, good composition, nice texture and flavor, and is quite economical to use, but most importantly, that gently cleanses the skin without drying, during the heating season is important. And another huge plus is the price: 69 per 100 ml.

Cons: the foam does not cope with the removal of cosmetics, although the manufacturer in your description of this issue is spared, as if hoping “maybe” and requires a lot of time and water for flushing.

On this basis, my assessment of Musa: 8 out of 10.

Period of use: 2 months almost daily.

Thank you for your attention.



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