For those in a hurry: skin renewal with a 1-minute mask, Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin 1 Minute Mask

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In our days often not enough just 10-20 minutes a day to devote additional time to care for themselves. And then come to the aid of the Express-masks, which at a short period of exposure time quite good to work for beauty and skin health. With one of these cute finds of the last time I want to introduce you today.

Just note that this mask I bought immediately, as its price is not budget, but it was one of the first places in my personal wish-list, waiting for discounts. And in sales season, she appeared in my care! Meet:

The 1-minute mask, Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin 1 Minute Mask

I’m not a fan exclusively to the luxury products in the field of masks, but this beauty made me want to get right as soon as I tested it on the procedure the consultant of the brand and held the tube in his hands.

And, Yes! Appearance played a role in the acquisition, although not the first.

This product is pleasant to take in hands. He directly breathes luxury and style.

Pearly pink packaging and the tube look very attractive.

The cardboard packaging is originally sealed in a transparent mica, sealed brand logo top brand CD.

The cardboard is made in silkscreen technique, its surface resembles a fabric with pearl coating.

The tube is made of quality plastic so my favorite “flat” design.

The twist-off cap is oval in cross-section form, decorated in the same silver logo CD.

Originally a small metering hole is sealed with a special protective membrane.

In General, the appearance is very attractive. Over it put a definite plus!

The packaging is not only beautiful but also very informative.

First of all, intrigued by the promise of renewal of the skin and the return of the young in just 1 minute! From the description, you also learn that this gel-cream mask turns back time with a soft chemical peel that gives the skin a radiant, more perfect form.

In many languages it is reported the main purpose: Mask for creating perfect skin. Tempting? Of course!

This promise is enough to stop a closer look at the following description. And there is mentioned one “lure”, which played an additional role of catalyst in my desire to try out this mask in action.

Those who have long know me, already know what is important to me personally not only use and the quality of the mask, but, so to speak, related effects and “chippies”. I like the unusual shape, the materials, the specifics of the application and performance of the masks during the procedure, I love the transformation and some manipulation of the preparation (within reason). And I love masks with aromatherapy or SPA effect.

In this case, I was attracted by the peculiarity of transformation of the initial gel texture is creamy during application.

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The order of application is as follows:

Pre-clean the face. Apply the mask in a circular massage movements on the entire face for as long as its texture will not be transformed into a magnificent white cream. Leave the mask on for 1 minute, then rinse it with water.

The mask should be used 2-3 times a week. You can apply morning or evening before applying skin care. Effective for any age, type and skin tone.

A separate section with a warning on the restriction of use:

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on irritated skin. The product contains alpha hydroxy acid which may increase the susceptibility of the skin to sunlight and increase the chance of sunburn. Use protective means from the sun, wear appropriate clothing and limit your sun exposure during the use of this tool and the week after that.

This warning brings us neatly to the subject of the composition, which perhaps many would have started their study of the product.

So, briefly it is known that

Scientists at Dior have chosen the best chemical exfoliants: salicylic acid (BHA), glycolic and citric acids (AHA), flower acids, and sent their effectiveness on the transformation of the skin in just one minute.

Indeed, glycolic acid is already in third place in the list of components.

The full composition of ingredients looks like this:

Whole structure disassemble not going to be here.

In the box you also find a brochure describing the whole series of products Dior Capture Totale.

In my day to day care for several years are soft exfoliant that you can use even daily and all year round. Including mask based on glycolic acid in low concentrations. I know a lot of people use more radical and drastic methods obnovlenye-consuming procedures, but I am a supporter of more humane methods. Do not insist on this point of view, as it is my personal choice, in no way oblige him to follow.

For those who are not too familiar with the principle of operation of such tools, some General information about the mechanism of action. The rest can go directly to the description of this particular mask.

The mask is based on the joint complex work of water-soluble and lipid-soluble acids. They work not only with the surface layers of the skin, sloughing dead skin layer, but on a deeper level, working with greasy deposits. And this complex promotes regeneration of the skin, production of collagen and elastin.

Thus, such products remove tarnish and heterogeneity of the skin, reduce and smooth wrinkles, make the skin’s surface more supple and elastic, regulate sebum secretion, reduce pigmentation and refresh your face in General.

Salicylic acid also helps to reduce inflammation.

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For me it is also important that such products are quite gentle on the skin, gently sloughing the top layer of dead cells. Using similar means constantly, I forgot about the mediocrity and dullness of the skin, and pleased with the overall condition, which is achieved in combination with primary care, which works much more effectively with the “fresh” layers of the epidermis.

For one procedure I enough amount about the size of a hazelnut, sometimes a little more.

The composition is a soft pink color with pearl highlights. Light pleasant fragrance is almost invisible when applied.

Moderately thick gel texture spreads easily over skin purified and gentle massaging with your fingers turns into a silky white cream.

In a moment the cream dries up a bit and then easily washes off with warm water. After washing the face doesn’t seem dry or tight. The skin feels refreshing and updating, but not dehydration or burns. For me, this record is also very important.

In General, for me this mask is very comfortable at the time of impact, and quality of work.

After applying the mask I put or just their usual care, or (if you have time) stacked with nourishing or moisturizing masks that immediately after the exfoliation more effective.

Since I use such funds for a long time, regularly and with pleasure, I didn’t notice right wow-effect. The skin condition remained consistently good, well-kept and pleasant to the touch. But this means only that one-minute mask Dior works as wellas my other previously selected favorites.

After applying the mask the skin is smooth, tight, fresh, more homogeneous. Disappears dullness, looseness and dullness. Pores look cleaner and are slightly tightened, due to the dissolution of excess sebum. Improves the turgor and perception for follow-up care. In combination with the main treatment the skin looks more youthful and toned. In General, the mask really makes your skin more perfect, as promised by the manufacturer.

The only drawback I can name only price. It really is not as comfortable as the product itself. However, waiting for interesting events discounts, you can obtain this tool with a volume of 75 ml at very sane price. What I actually did. And enough one tube for a very long time (after opening should be used for 12 months).

In concluding this post I want to add some more words.

When I have time, I try before publishing my opinion to read other opinions on different resources so as not to miss something important. With bewilderment on one of the famous sites read a rather strange review.

There’s a girl recommended to apply the mask all over the face including the eye area and lips, they say, they will only benefit. I would refrain from such recommendations so as not to cause damage to these delicate areas.

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Further suggested to apply the mask while brushing your teeth (to save time). Here, in my opinion, not taking any oral hygiene, which will occupy only minute or the condition of the skin, which will experience mask at least 2-3 minutes. So I would still have separated these two processes, especially since the mask should be applied on cleansed skin, and personally, I wash my face after brushing teeth.

Finally, it said about the absence of the cumulative effect of what I think is also not quite correct statement. The effectiveness of exfoliating masks is achieved not so much a formal way, as by the regularity and constancy of this type of care, as the processes of cell death in the body will not disappear from the course of the use of such masks. Therefore, the key to a good resistant result, a properly chosen frequency and self-discipline. If you apply from case to case, the effect will not be permanent.

And yet I note that despite the fact that the mask is positioned as a soft peeling product suitable for all skin types, the owners of sensitive and reactive skin, I recommend to pre-test the ingredients on a small area of skin. After all, acid is a very small one, but a chemical burn.

I wish all to try this mask at the event (in samples) and get the pleasure of using.

I understand that you can find more budget counterparts of this mask (and I’ve already got them), but personally I was very pleased to diversify my beauty diet with such delicacies.

Price: about 4500 rubles (excluding discounts on discount cards) ($75.00). Discounts on discount cards is about 3000-3400 rubles. I bought 1 789 rubles.

The rating: 10 out of 10 on my subjective scale. For greater objectivity, I’m ready to take off one point for the high price.

4500₽цена10/10оценка5 weeks, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, skin with 40+Ingredients: aqua (water) • glycerin • glycolic acid • polysorbate 20 • hydrogenated polyisobutene • alcohol • hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer • ci 77891 (titanium dioxide) • butylene glycol • sodium hydroxide • xanthan gum • sclerotium gum • dipotassium glycyrrhizate • parfum (fragrance) • phenoxyethanol • xylitol • pentylene glycol • tetrasodium edta • polysorbate 60 • sorbitan isostearate • secale cereale (rye) seed extract • citric acid • salicylic acid • synthetic fluorphlogopite • malva sylvestris (mallow) extract•, hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract • zea mays (corn) starch • hydrogenated lecithin • saponins • butylphenyl methylpropional • limonene • bht • sodium metabisulfite • palmaria palmata extract • aframomum angustifolium seed extract • sodium benzoate • hydrolyzed rice protein • tin oxide • jasminum officinale (jasmine) flower extract•, ci 14700 (red 4) • polygonum bistorta root extract • tocopherol

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