Foreo launches smart device for cleansing facial skin

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According to a press release from Foreo, a new product of the company – Fofo Luna cleansing device for the face, – is the smallest, but at the same time, most “smart” in this market category the cosmetology equipment. Besides, it is compatible with the technology of artificial intelligence.

With the release of a new device Fofo Luna, Foreo company went on an ambitious, providing its clients with personalized skin care, making it accessible with one click.

A beta version of the device was launched in July this year in the United States, and the company sent 900 000 devices the beauty crush in partnership with the site subscription FabFitFun Beauty.

These users are allowed the algorithm to skin care Luna Fofo become “smarter” every day. Foreo says that over the past two months the device has received an impressive amount of data, which are collected in the usual way would have to spend 700 years. To date, the device has provided almost one million consultations on skin care.

Founder and CEO of Foreo Philip of sedich said: “This is the device from Foreo able to educate themselves and different from other products in skin care for its ability to grow from day to day.”

Currently, skin care from Luna Fofo is a maintain an optimal level of moisture of the skin, based on information about the condition of the skin collected during the original survey, by the app company. In addition, based on these data, the device individually sets the frequency, power and duration of the pulsations T-Sonic aimed at the skin to provide optimal care for each individual.

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Master of sedich says: “Our future products will be able to determine the air quality and the condition of the skin of the user in real-time. Based on all data, the device will be able to come up with a method of care that is best suited at this moment. It will also be able to predict what care means or tools will be needed in the coming days.”

Luna Fofo can be purchased on the web site of the brand for US $ 89.

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