Foreo launches UFO 2

Swedish brand Foreo, which is distinguished for its technologically advanced approach to skin care, have developed an upgraded model of your device smart face mask UFO. The new model includes LEDs full spectrum and opportunities for more rapid thermotherapy, allowing you to personalize treatments user.

UFO 2 can be used with special masks UFO Power Activated Masks, is available in several versions. The device will cost 288 euros, while a mini version will be available for 184 euros.

According to the representatives Foreo eight different settings of the led backlight, in addition to providing “maximum power” to the activated masks, offered the consumer with “special and individual care”. For example, setting the purple led can be use to reduce wrinkles and return the skin a healthy glow, but the yellow led will reduce redness and calm the skin.

In addition, UFO 2 used a new technology of heat therapy, which allowed to heat the leather up to five times faster. “UFO device 2 has been improved, thanks to intelligent technology, which offers a more effective and efficient experience in the use of face masks than ever before, the company said. We watched as the future of beauty has evolved over the years, and more and more consumers became interested in individual skin care. Personalized beauty regimen is the best way for consumers to achieve maximum confidence in the skin and what we take seriously in Foreo”.

Consumers looking for such products for skin care that would help to save time, to optimize the ratio of price and quality and provide instant and effective results. And that’s the beauty device for home use – the most versatile solution for today’s market.

In Foreo said that the market of beauty devices the most serious problem remains fake. So, in November last year the company won a two-year battle in China for one of their devices for a skin care face Luna. Shanghai court on intellectual property verdict of the largest ever paid in favor Foreo for counterfeit products – around 400 000 euros for the violation of the design. The court ruled that the Chinese firm Zhuhai Kingdom Company guilty of violating the patent for the design of Luna Foreo your product “KD398” and called for an immediate withdrawal of Chinese fake product from the market.

CEO of Foreo in the UK and Ireland Boris Raspudic noted that this decision was “a huge breakthrough” for the brand: “the Problem with fakes is that they mislead consumers who think they are getting a Foreo product, but are deceived. It can negatively affect their perception of our brand”.

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