Forgotten: my 7 shades of eye shadow Colourpop Super Shock Shadow


About a year ago, at the beginning of my fascination with makeup, I bought a few shades of the famous “soft” shadows from Colourpop. But the more makeup I got, the deeper and deeper into the bowels of cosmetics set off these shadows. Recently I stumbled on a mention of the Super Shock Shadow in one of the posts, decided that I should go back to my washers, and it is not a smooth day as the shadow dries. 🤔

Offer to get acquainted with my small collection of 7 shades Super Shock Shadow: Jinxie, Paradox, Seeker, Wattles, Cricket, DGAF, and So Quiche.

The package of all shades of the same plastic “šajbočka” with a screw cap. The puck, though of considerable size, filling the shadows is actually not that big, as there is a double bottom, the weight of shadows 2.1 g. Initially, the shadows are beautiful embossing which reminds me of snake scales (especially cool looking glittery shades). Shadow Super Shock Shadow are available in several finishes such as: matte (matte), satin (satin), pearl (pearlized), metal (metallic) and ultra-glittery (ultra-glitter) and others. I don’t always understand the division to these categories, but Oh well 🙂 the Products are not tested on animals made in USA, suitable for vegans. Standard cost per shade is $5, but quite often you can buy the best kit or at a discount of 20%.

To me all the shade arrived safe and sound, but they are actually quite soft and during transportation can crumble (which I later happened with a hint of DGAF). I heard Colourpop compensates for the cost or delivers a new shade, if the order come in broken. But let crushed Super Shock Shadows not worry you — as they have the texture plastilinovaja, they can crush a finger back into the jar and continue to use it on. I own 7 shades opened about a year ago and not used very often. Thus, none of the colors had dried up, began to crumble and in my opinion, has not changed its properties. To the shadows served as long as possible, you should each time tighten the cap.

Colourpop themselves, and many users shadow Super Shock Shadow, it is recommended to apply them with your finger. Indeed, with this method of applying tint is transmitted to the eyelid as intense. However, the finger is not always possible accurately to shade or shade to a small area of the skin. I found that applying a light mist and a smoothing of borders well suited to the brush shape “barrel” and a brush for shading to the small size of elastic synthetic cloth and coloration small areas — any small elastic brush. The shadows don’t jump too quickly and I recommend each other.

Though the shade of this type and is intended to “Express makeup”, I still use a base for shadows, or any product on my oily eyelids slipping, and Super Shock Shadow — is no exception. With the base resistance of the majority of shadows in the daily conditions good (7-8 hours in good condition), but for me the shade is still slightly falling into folds during the day (but not so much as other cream products) and I suspect that the current shade, shade is not the “strong”. The situation is much better if you use a Super Shock Shadow on top of the dry shadow as an accent. Still I can recommend not to apply these shadows with your finger in several layers, and the thicker layer tends to slide even faster. For that, all shades put a minus, but I suppose that is more a feature of my century.

Let’s move on to shotcam and description of each shade.

The first few shades I got in the kit Zingara (to include Elixir, Jinxie, Paradox and Seeker). All further Swatch applied on dry skin finger 2 touch plus feathered finger next to it (except the first shade).

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Jinxie (daylight in the room)

Jinxie — the daily gold

Universal tint light yellow gold with a neutral microchimerism (pearl finish). As it says usually — shade “under the arrow”. Arrows I don’t wear on a regular basis, but can recommend this gentle shade to use both solo and in a more complex makeup. Easy to apply, gives a beautiful effect of wet-century switch in the shading there, as it was difficult to photograph.

Rating: 5-

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Paradox (daylight in the room)

Paradox — a light cranberry.

Those who have read my posts about cosmetics, could pay attention that I love berry shades of makeup. Super Shock Shadow in shade Paradox (satin finish) caught my attention in one of the local posts, where the author described him as an interesting chameleon, whose color can vary from reddish to deep cranberry. In my opinion, it is — this shade is easy to fit in red, brown, pink make-up. He has a beautiful satin finish, which makes the shade more voluminous. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the shade of color even the slightest rolling on the eyelid becomes quite noticeable.

Rating: 4

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Seeker (daylight in the room)

Seeker is not the one for whom it is

In the šajbočka and in the picture hue of Seeker (matte finish) is a muted reddish-brown, but on my skin when the tool gets in how. That’s why I don’t really like it, to be honest. However, the shade is good for darkening the crease to warm the makeup, if you like such colors.

Rating: 4-

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Jinxie, Paradox, Seeker (daylight)

… go ahead

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Wattles (daylight in the room)Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Wattles (daylight) — is seen as under the more directional the light becomes visible silvery glare

Wattles — the most boring and the most beloved

This development I did not expect! The most neutral, and even if it were a cold shade became the absolute champion by quantity of usages. The shade of the Wattles is a pale dusty rose with fine silver shimmer, although the finish is stated as “satin”. In the šajbočka tint looks pretty cool, but the skin is a real chameleon and adapts to makeup. Looks great solo, refreshing look. One of those shades that can be “applied without looking”. Not sure how many times in total I used it, but for about the 25th time I have seen the bottom.

Rating: 5-

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Cricket (daylight in the room)Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Cricket (pale sunlight)

Cricket — rebels from ignore

It’s funny that the shade I used only a few times during the year. I thought he was very smart and somehow didn’t fit in with the shades of my everyday makeup. Grey purple base with a scattering of multi colored sequins (ultra-glittery finish) and hinted that this shade will be a good evening makeup. However, during the preparation of this post, I tried to apply it with a brush, and magic happened! Cricket Blendable in a gentle purple haze typowy color and sequins look absolutely unobtrusive. I think the shimmer in these shadows is slightly smaller than the next two shades. So I will be happy to recommend Cricket as an unusual and versatile.

Rating: 5-

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — Wattles & Cricket (daylight)

… and the last pair of shades

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — DGAF (daylight in the room)Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — DGAF (pale sunlight)

DGAF — shade, I DGAF about

A scattering of Golden shimmer on a red-brown base (ultra-glittery finish) also makes these shadows more appropriate for the evening. But if the shade of Cricket I have found a use in everyday makeup, then this hand is not so much stretches so far. In tone it goes well with the shade of Seeker, so if you’re a lover of redhead colors, take a look at this couple. The gold glitter in these shadows are quite large and tend to gather in the folds of the century and slowly migrate through the face throughout the day.

Rating: 3

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — So Quiche (daylight in the room)Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — So Quiche (pale sunlight)

So Quiche — an unusual olive

Amazing grey-olive shade with a scattering of pale gold and purple sequins (ultra-glittery finish). Probably one of the most unique shades in the collection Super Shock Shadow. Neutral gray undertone makes this shade is versatile enough for both warm and cold color type. You can apply a thin mist, but you can do an accent in the rich makeup. Purple sparkle sequin light up at a certain angle and keep the tone deep and multifaceted. The only negative is the glitter still fall off a bit during the day.

Rating: 4

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow — DGAF & So Quiche (daylight)

Examples of make-up

Caused Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Wattles and added Cricket (neutral light ring lamp), Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Wattles and So Quiche (neutral light ring lamp), Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Jinxie on the upper eyelid, Seeker of the feathered folds, Paradox on the lower eyelid (neutral light ring lamp), Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Jinxie on the upper eyelid, Seeker in the feather and on the lower eyelid (neutral light ring lamp), Overall image with Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Jinxie and Seeker (neutral light ring lamp), Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Paradox on the upper eyelid, Cricket on the lower eyelid (neutral light ring lamp), Overall image with Colourpop Super Shock Shadow and Paradox Cricket (daylight) and a little “bit” blush xDColourpop Super Shock Shadow in So Quiche used movable over a century blending matte shades (neutral light ring lamp), Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Cricket used movable over a century blending matte and satin shades (neutral light ring lamp)

I hope this long post is not very tired. Do you have any favorite shades among eye shadow Super Shock Shadow?

Thanks for reading!


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