Foundation Dior Backstage in shade 1.5 N. the Perfect Foundation?

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Good day, dear readers!

In his next post I would like to tell you about the tonal Foundation Backstage, which is now enjoyed.

Backstage Foundation in shade 1.5 N( Natural daylight on a cloudy day)

So, I ask under kat.

With this Foundation, I met during a session of professional makeup. A couple of days before makeup I ran out of tinted moisturizer in kushane Lingerie de peau from Guerlain and despite the fact that I loved it, I wanted to try something new. Thus, the opportunity to meet with the makeup look Backstage at Dior was very helpful.

Thus, the tonal Foundation for the face and body Backstage.

Foundation is Packed in a characteristic for the entire line of silver cardboard box, which has all the necessary information about the manufacturer, the hue, etc.


She Foundation is in a cute plastic bottle beige.


I often meet the opinion that such packaging is not suitable for such brand like Dior, ugly, looks cheap, etc. May not rule out the possibility that the more familiar glass bottles look better and more respectable, but it’s not particularly important. Additionally, the bottle is designed of high quality plastic with a very interesting effect of velvet. Because of this, the bottle is very pleasant to hold in hands, it does not slip, but at the same time, the basis is easily squeezed out. The bottle is equipped with user-friendly narrow spout, which is fed through the tool. He, by the way, gets dirty quickly.

The dispenser is in the form of a spout

The texture of this Foundation is quite runny, I would describe it as watery. Due to this structure easy to layer without a mask effect.

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The coating can vary from a mild, weightless to thick( three layers for photo shoots). I haven’t tried layering to such an extent, but the makeup artist said it was quite possible.

I really liked the line of Foundation Backstage presents quite a lot of shades. I think any girl will be able to choose the shade suitable for her. For example, I’m a makeup artist once suggested for option: shade 1.5 N, which is tone on tone fits the tone of my skin and the shade from very light tan( number do not remember).

Shade 1.5 N quite bright, with a neutral undertone.

In the photo below, we can consider the texture and hue.

Swatch on the hand. It is possible to consider texture and shade. Natural daylight on a cloudy day.Slightly restorefile. Natural daylight on a cloudy day

Fully restorefile tone arm. Estestvennoe daylight on a cloudy day

The last photo shows that the Foundation is actually blended with skin tone.

Foundation can be applied with a brush, and fingers. I like to apply it with your fingers. Tried the brush, but not very much. Fingers, the effect is more natural, in my opinion.

The finish of the tools are rather satin. There is no deaf matting, the person remains alive and natural as possible.

Here you can see how it looks on the face.

Face without makeup. Applied care. Natural daylight on a cloudy day.Face with Foundation Backstage. The Foundation applied with fingers in a thin layer. Eye makeup

The photo shows that the color of the face became smoother, the face looks fresher, the redness became less visible( especially not corrected).

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It should be noted that the composition of Foundation Backstage at least caring substances, so using it, you need to pay special attention to the care ( as I explained to the makeup artist). Otherwise, problems may occur in the form of dryness, etc. in addition, I have not enough lights, so I solve both problems by mixing the Foundation with the Hydra Beauty serum from Chanel liquid highlighter Teint Couture Rediant Drop in shade 01. Thus, I get a kind of tonal blend, with which my face the whole day feels great. The post the first time I tried to put the tonal Foundation in pure form and was not very happy with the sensations as I had the feeling that she was somehow dry and hard to spread over the skin fully absorbed the cream.

Resistance means makes me happy. The Foundation stays on the skin all day, does not roll and stays on my combination skin. On the phone is not imprinted. The Shine appears in the second half of the day, which for me is standard.

I removed the tonal base with a hydrophilic oil and subsequent washing with soap for sensitive skin from Clinique. Under this system, the product is removed completely and easily.

The emergence of new inflammation Foundation does not provoke.

In the next photo Foundation is supplemented with the powder Prisme Libre ( 5 Satin Blanc) from Givenchy, Tient Couture highlighter Shimmer Powder( 01) from Givenchy, YSL blush, eye makeup, lipstick, and shown in the full image.

Summarizing, we can say, Foundation Backstage makes me very happy, especially when the method of application that I use. Of course, I’ll have to try something else, but it is certainly a worthy Foundation on which you should pay attention.

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Rating: 5.

Price: 2950, bought with 40% discount

Period of use: from the beginning of November, 5 times a week.

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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