From 21 to 23 November 2019 in St. Petersburg will host the XII international Congress on medical cosmetology “Nevskie Berega”

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From 21 to 23 November 2019 in St. Petersburg CEC “Expoforum” (St. Petersburg sh.64/1) will be held the XII international Congress on medical cosmetology “Nevskie Berega”.

Society of professionals

The Congress is organized by Public Fund “Nevskie Berega”. The event will be held with the support of leading professional communities of Russia:

• Association of specialists in aesthetic medicine (society of aesthetic medicine specialists)
• Interregional public organization experts in botulinum toxin therapy (MOOST)
• Society of medical filament technologies (OMNT)
• Scientific-practical society of doctors-cosmeticians of St. Petersburg

The scientific program of the XII International Congress for medical estheticians is compiled under the guidance of Tatiana Korolkova, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of cosmetology northwestern state medical University them. I. I. Mechnikov, President of the NGO doctors-cosmetologists of Saint Petersburg. Coordinates the program Valentina Vasilevskaya, Executive Director of the Association society of aesthetic medicine specialists, editor of magazine “Metamorphosis”.

During the Congress the reports and authors ‘ methods will present renowned experts on contour injection plasty, botulinum, hardware cosmetology, dermatology, endocrinology. Sections and specialized courses dedicated to fashion, promising and popular in aesthetic medicine directions and techniques. The course authors and moderators of sections are recognized authorities in various fields of aesthetic medicine.

Lectures and author’s programs stars of aesthetic medicine

The Congress will be held the course “the Aesthetic correction of neurological patients.” Authors: E. I. Karpova, L. R. Mingazova, Ivanova E. A. the Course is summarized the result of the interaction of the plastic surgeon, cosmetologist, neurologist, and anatomist. The program is based on the analysis of numerous clinical cases. The information presented in the course will be useful to doctors, estheticians working with injection methods, as well as plastic surgeons. In the first part of the program will be considered the correction of neurological problems by the methods of aesthetic medicine, the second part will be devoted to the correction of neurological problems after a failed intervention for aesthetic reasons.

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Doctors specializing in injection-contouring, and expand their ideas about the possibilities of the BTA on the specialty course of “botulinum toxin therapy: the edge of the possible. More protocols”. The moderator of the program, as always, will perform Olga Orlova Ratmirov. The lecturers will share the author’s protocols, unexpected clinical findings, led to great results and solutions to the problems of patients. Also consideration will be given to correct documentation of the injection of toxins and the proper design of the information consents.

A distinctive feature of the course “Boca dentistry in cosmetology. Author’s technique: how we do it” (moderator: Gruzdev D., research partner: USMNT) – focus on the practical part. The beginner course will provide a unique opportunity for professional growth. Advanced doctors who actively use filament technology, the program will significantly increase your level to learn new techniques, discuss case studies, compare methods and results of the procedures.

How to empower anti-aging therapy? This topic will focus on the author’s course Bragina I. Y. Course is called: “a New approach to anti-aging therapy. The combined use of laser and high-intensity mechanical methods with injection therapy”. The program will be considered the main indications for the combination of different aesthetic techniques (instrumentation and hardware techniques). A reputable expert will give recommendations that will reduce the time of achieving the result, to improve the comfort and safety of carried-out procedures, reduce downtime, and prolong the effect of the treatment.
Tournament expert impartial analysis will be subjected to the PRP.
Moderator of open discussion and the author of the program: scientific supervisor of the Congress, Korolkova T. N. In the discussion will be attended by famous scientists and doctors: Ahmerov R. R., Pechersky A. V., Ivolgin D. A., I. V. Plehanova Everyone will be able to ask questions to lecturers and Express their opinions.

Complications and difficult cases from the practice

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A continuation of the course “the Aesthetic correction of neurological patients” will be a section “Monitoring of complications and adverse events in cosmetology”, to moderate which will Razumovskaya, E. A., Shevchenko N. A. the reports are of a purely applied nature and time-tested protocols for the management of problem patients aims to reduce the number of errors and adverse events in practice of cosmetologist. And in the section “Providing emergency care in doctor-cosmetologist” (lecturers: Karpova E. I., plaksiy V. G., Viskum M. N.) experienced practitioners will give algorithms for cases when a complication arose at the time of or immediately after the procedure. Also, special attention will be given to the equipping of the Cabinet of cosmetologist all necessary emergency and legal requirements of healthcare.

How to overcome the aesthetic defects in patients who have contraindications to certain traditional methods that do not meet the selection criteria? This is the topic of the program is the section on “Difficult cases at a reception at the beautician”, moderated by Sokolova E. V., and academic partners – Petersburg Institute of beauty “Galaxy”. The doctors at the clinic will share their experience in problem patients and review complex clinical cases.

In the section “Acne and rosacea: cosmetology in Union with all” (moderator Korolkova T. N.) therapy the most common skin diseases will be discussed from the standpoint of an interdisciplinary approach. Renowned speakers will talk about the microbiological and hormonal reasons for development of acne and rosacea, food intolerance as one of the factors influencing the appearance of skin problems and psychological experiences of patients.

The solving problems with aesthetic defects not directly linked to the involutional processes is the main topic of the section “Beautification: possibilities, indications, criteria for patient selection” (moderator: Kapuler O. M.). Here we will talk about advanced techniques and technologies in aesthetic medicine, from owning which often depends the patient will remain adherent to the doctor or not. Experienced doctors will share methods that have become part of their clinical Arsenal and most requested by patients.

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Section with a free visit

Traditionally, the scientific Committee of the Congress offering its colleagues an impressive programme, which can be used free of charge.

About how to work more efficiently and safer, to tell on the sections of “Technology of success: new drugs and techniques for effective work” (moderator: Shershakova M. A.) and “Tribuna” innovation (moderators: Vissarionov V. A., Aleshina Etc). Here the participants of the Congress are waiting for the premiere of the new drugs, analysis of already proven methodologies and protocols of the new procedures first hand!

Panel title: “Icebergs are the best” (moderator Klyuchareva S. V.), speaks for itself. The program of this section will focus on the complex issues of diagnosis and competence of the doctor-cosmetologist.

At the Symposium “Aesthetics. Psychology. Sexuality” (moderators: Karavaeva T. A., Fedorov A. I.) is devoted to building relationships with patient reception, personal characteristics, the underlying conflict behavior, the role of self-perception and satisfaction with his body and his life in evaluating the results of cosmetic procedures.

Exhibition of innovative achievements

All days of the Congress in hall N Expoforum exhibition of professional cosmetics and equipment. It will showcase the latest products, technology, and development of world famous brands. The exposition will be organized in such a way that members of Congress could in a comfortable setting to talk with representatives of companies-suppliers of cosmetics and equipment, buy and order everything you need for work in accordance with the highest international standards in aesthetic medicine.
Come autumn in Petersburg, learn, communicate and get acquainted with the best of the best in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Congress website:

Organizer: Public Fund “Nevskie Berega”
The organizing Committee: +7(812) 305 37 67
The ticket: 8 800 444-14-28, +7(921)182-97-56 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), [email protected]
Participation in the exhibition: +7(921)387-78-72, [email protected]
Address: Expoforum, St. Petersburg, Petersburg highway.64/1, pavilion N.

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