From Hanna-basmannoy lady in obespecheno-red diva: a comparison of care before and after, insights and plans

Hi all. My name is Daria and I’m new author, trite, don’t you think?) and I love to care for your hair. And also to paint them, whether it’s herbs(henna and Basma) or a permanent dyepigment direct. In this introductory post I want to talk about their hair, their changes over the past six months, about the methods of staining, about caring for them. As well as a walk in urgent care.

The days of henna and Basma
I am the owner of sparse, medium-brown hair. If to speak hair language, 6-7 UGT. That is too dark a shade of to play on them bright colors without lightening / bleaching or to bright copper from henna without the same manipulation. About three years I was painted with henna and Basma split method. This method is where you first dye your hair with henna, then wash, dry and paint on top of that Basma gives the opportunity eventually, and sometimes immediately to a beautiful black color hair. Why I use herbal dyes? I liked the fragrance of henna and didn’t like the smell of Basma, but I love black. Black on century, which will be with you until the end of your days or until you cut it))
Henna love , or rather loved, because I’m not on herbal dyes, high-quality fine grinding and intense, highlighting pigments. Usually it’s either henna for mehndi, which is the maximum in the above mentioned properties, or henna, which can be found in Ayurvedic salons, and online stores. What to Basma, here the same criteria.

Photo henna brands: Lady Henna, INDI BIRD, Nupur, Aroma-Zone, Hathi, Prem Dulhan, Kokila, the usage period 2017-2018, at the moment I don’t have these tools in everyday life.
Basma brands: Kajal, Khadi, INDI BIRD, the period of use of the same in 2017-2018, now don’t use.

Many people think of henna, Basma and other herbs dried hair and turns to broom. With the same success it is possible to say that the discoloration of hair and turns on the same broom, just a different color)) Yes, of course, if you don’t care for the hair, even natural hair will turn into something unimaginable, which can only be cut or secretivity, and then… also be cut. For any hair needs care. Someone enough shampoo, conditioner and nesevski+, length 1 time per week, and someone shampoo+mask+condo after the mask+the three-step leave-in treatment, and the obligatory blow-dry, otherwise hair will look not properly.

I, so to speak, adept professional hair care.
During the coloring herbs I got were lightweight but moisturising. Natural hair, top covered with herbal pigments that do not need such components, which are vital to hair subject to chemical staining. The backbone of my then care: shampoo, mask, oil nastyushka. Drying because I’m not a fan of wet hair shirts and heavy turbans of wet towels.

Photo tools days of summer 2018: nourishing mask with Monoi oil Kaaral Maraes, hydrating mask with aloe Vera Kaaral Hydra, another mask with aloe Ollin Full Forse, Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil for colored hair, shampoo Kaaral Purify Reale. Now I have only the mask Kaaral Maraes, a liter is just endless.

In August of 2018, I wanted a change in length of hair and color. I cut hair on the shoulders and removed from the staining Basma, leaving the henna. Wanted to be a little lighter, brighter, warmer, sunnier. But no matter how gorgeous was not henna, it will not make existing hair lighter. It would only give them a copper colour and slightly dim.

The hair is now required even less care on my part. A relatively small length, thick updated cut. Beauty. To grow and do not suffer! However, I have suffered. I have three years passed with long hair in the uninterrupted mode of sprouting, so I just got tired of it. And Yes, I’m tired of the length, I wanted change. And with this in mind I decided on a haircut box Bob. How I love to say, scoundrel all to face, even such changes. The care remains the same.

If change, then to complete the program. What we have: short hair, 1cm regrown their roots, 7 cm hair dyed with henna only and the remaining length under the henna and Basma, black, impenetrable, waterproof. Besides the black color, I love crimson red shades of hair. A shade is with great difficulty can be achieved, coloring herbs, and then, with strong dimming. And I wanted brightness. In my case, without discoloration not do. Powder and 3% oxygento 2 times and powder and 1.8% oxygento once. All this at length, where was henna with Basma. The roots were bleached by 1.8%, but in this situation it would be possible to do without cleaning the roots. The pretty lady, some dust and oxides of firms Bouticle and Tefia (the oxide 1,8%). By washing the powder, I was amazed that my hair was not killed. The fingers passed through the hair without getting stuck and not tearing them. Fiction and only.
As to the color, the henna faded to yellow-orange, and Basma — blue-green mess.

The output of henna and Basma by bleaching is a very controversial subject that is hotly debated as artists and ordinary citizens. Many of you have probably heard that bleaching henna gives the greens, after the henna it is impossible to become blondeblonde get cold, etc. this is Partly true, partly nonsense sick soul. If you have time, I will write about this in a separate post.

After all cleaning color manipulation, colored hair dye Bouticle 8.55 in length and 7.55 on the roots. Already by washing the paint from his hair, I felt a huge difference between how was the hair after washing powder and what is now. Fingers with difficulty through the tangled jungle of hair, and I clearer and clearer I realized that the coloration Permanente was clearly unnecessary. But the deed is done, now my goal is to care for damaged hair, trying to maintain the color and quality of hair at the proper level.

I’m used to the Shine, elasticity and softness of the hair, the way I want them to see and feel even after triple bleaching. Can you tell me something like: “You’re discolored, messed up hair, so be patient now cut and grow a natural color,” and not quite right) Because even such hair has the ability to “rise from the ashes like a beautiful Phoenix.”
Now I need a completely different treatment for hair+ constant toning, as bright red the same capricious and short-lived, as ash blond. But due to the fact that my hair bleached three times in a row, and after further rendering become much worse feel, I decided to switch to direct pigments, dyes, which are sold in finished form, they should not be mixed. They fit perfectly on bleached hair, but natural can stay.

On the photo: to the left direct dyes Kapous Professional Rain Bow (red), tint balm Kapous Professional Life Color (garnet), a toning mask Tefia (red), these three tubes have ended. Right not yet open tools: toning mask Ollin Matisse Color (garnet), direct dyes Estel X-tro (pink) and the direct dyes Ollin Matisse Color (red), reveal a few days ago, because for the next bleaching roots and toning.
These dyes can be mixed with conditioner or a mask to soften the effect on the hair, or dilution of color. But I’m looking for maximum brightness and color saturation, using pigments in pure form. In my Arsenal of red and pink(fuchsia) colors, I alternate, to change cool, by the way, never get bored)

And every month and a half I’ll pass on the roots of destaining powder, mixed with 1.5% oxigene, and after toiruu any direct pigment. Most often the color “fuchsia”.

Back to care. If earlier it consisted of light and is not very soft shampoo, mediocre of masochki and oil of nemawashi, now this is a nice shampoo with lots of mitigating components, always powerful nourishing mask, air conditioning(not always and only after the mask), three-step leave-in treatment, moisturizing spray, cream heat protection and finishing oil nastyushka. Before my fascination with the hair care, it all seemed so complicated and confusing, and now two and two together. I know what it is and know what means what effect in the coupling with other gives. And it’s perfect!

Love washable care from Angel. Never liked it shampoos, my hair weighted and poorly washed the head skin, but now I could find something like that in the current realities and washes well, not contributing to the pollution of ahead of time, and at the same time carefully washing; and angelic mask then what is now for me an utter delight))) also I was impressed with the spray from a new series to protect the color. What to cream finally, there are endless siliconates, and others, he shouldn’t be, Kaaral Pink Up. Oil finish periodically. Now I have Pets keratin gold oil Tahe Keratin Gold.
The treatment is topical at the moment. Will tell you more about him.

Angel Professional shampoo Color Protect Shampoo color Protection
photo litre format and the format 250ml
Shampoo designed for color treated hair must perform the function of protecting the color. It contains several mild Surfactants and SLES, but not in the first place, due to all this, shampoo very carefully, however, it is fairly well washed as the hair and scalp. No plaque and premature contamination was not identified, as well as dandruff, itching, hair loss and other problems. While washing my hair doesn’t tangle so much, more healthy hair, I think this problem would never exist. The shampoo I was a perfect fit for permanent use, as I head through my day. What to protect color-treated hair, there is, in my opinion, everything is standard: the dye is washed out as usual.

The consistency of the shampoo is very interesting: a sort of cream-gel, a soft pink color without foreign inclusions and additives, viscous and fragrant. By the way, the aroma is very intense, the first time can bother your sharpness. Sorry, I’m not good at details to describe the flavors, but in my opinion, it is a hellish mix of grandpa’s Cologne and floral bouquet. And only user of the shampoo depends on what you will smell his hair: will cause a little and wash well, will be a pleasant scent of flowers after a few too many bad wash-Hey, grandpa.
To suit this shampoo: hair dyed, undergo discoloration, and often exposed to styling with termopribor. Natural and hair, painted herbs may not be appropriate due to a too-busy composition and softness wash to overload the hair.
Price: 370r, 974р
Volume: 250ml, 1000ml
Rating: 5
Testing period: 2 months.

Consumption of shampoo depends on the format of packaging: small bottle of 250ml I needed in 1 soap with 3-5 taps spout, and quart — 1-2 sprays.

Hair mask Angel Professional Color Protect Hair Mask color Protection
Mask designed for coloured hair to protect the color, but it is valuable for me personally, not this. Contains fatty alcohols, glycerine (moisturizer of chic, don’t know why around him so much hype), grape seed oil, argan, macadamia, extracts of brown algae and the petals of the wild cherry, amodimethicone(silicone), keratin, hydrolyzed wheat protein.

The consistency of the mask is similar to the delicate pudding or thick yogurt pink. The fragrance is as bright as the shampoo. But I got used to it and hardly notice.

The mask gives my hair everything that they lack the gloss, hydration, nutrition. Touch them and feel the pleasant cool and unusual paintings for bleached hair soft. They did not go awry, and in General, look very well groomed. There is nothing superfluous, it does not overload the hair and does not contribute to premature contamination despite the fact that I put close to the roots.
Consumption in my case is relatively large, half-liter Bank for a couple of months of regular (after every wash) use empty half. For more healthy hair consumption will be significantly less.
Who will fit this mask: dyed and bleached hair — definitely. Undyed hair and dyed grasses with caution as excess keratin mask with hair like this can play a cruel joke.
Price: 857р
Volume: 500ml
Rating: 5
Testing period: 2 months.

Spray conditioner Angel Professional Color Protect color Protection
Spray conditioner designed for color treated hair and protection from sun rays and overheating during installation. But I’m a stubborn person who doesn’t believe in heat properties and strength of sprays, I give a denser texture or in particularly severe cases — permanent three-step system.

The consistency of the conditioner, so before applying you need to shake the bottle. Spraying a wide fine cloud

This spray is very good for my hair. Moreover, it detangles, it does not need much, and no need to update every two hours, as all the vaunted blue spray Kapous Professional, which I think is one of the most disgusting sprays. Spray Angel does not dry the hair and does not overload, i.e., no matted locks or dull the canvas of the hair, I do not see only light and shiny.
Who will fit this spray: here is exactly the same: damaged, colored hair is perfect, and healthier hair — so far as.
Price: 920р
Volume: 250ml
Rating: 5
Testing period: 2 months.

Heat the cream for straightening Kaaral Pink Up
Designed to protect from high temperatures straightening and blow-drying. I don’t straighten hair, but blow drying a mandatory ritual for me. The cream has a dense siliconate texture, and smells like candy.
To wet clean hair I put a little cream, spreading from the root zone to the tips. My short hair enough three such dosages as in the photo above. The tool is evenly distributed and quickly absorbed, without leaving any residue. Hair much easier to comb. You can begin drying your hair and styling.
To suit this cream to all those who in any way uses the termopribor not shun silicones, and means a lot of them.
Price: 600R+ (discontinued)
Volume: 250ml
Rating: 5
Testing period: 13 months more than a year

Argan hair oil with gold particles Tahe Keratin gold
This oil smooths and protects my hair from root zone and to the tips abruptly Kerastase for colored hair, but with a classic Golden elixir have not compared specifically for colored hair.
Oil contains silicones, argan oil and keratin, heady smells of pineapple. The official website has the information that the vehicle contains microparticles of gold, but I find that hard to believe, because the oil is completely transparent, the consistency of medium thickness.
To suit this oil: for all those who love to care for your hair and is not afraid of silicones. I think it will suit any hair type.
Price: 1000R
Volume: 30ml
Rating: 5
Testing period: six months

Am I sorry about what you’ve done? Not a drop. I finally let go of the fear to spoil the hair discoloration, because care can work wonders. As well as have full confidence that I will be able to grow long and well-groomed hair, without abandoning the bright shades of hair. Though too early to tell.

My future plans include splicing and the gradual cutting of the remnants triple discoloration, which was subjected to the same amount of hair, which left henna and Basma. I often talk about the beauty of the transition from dark to bright on my hair, but the blotch derivable from the hair Basma does not look very nice.

In blue dreams sitting a thing about painting in different colors of pastel and saturated, however, feel that burn, but who knows… when I started wearing makeup Basma, too, convinced myself that with the black forever. Not forever. Everything is temporary.

Thank you all for your attention)

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