Full Burberry lipstick Kisses in the shade of 529 English Rose


Today I want to talk about lipstick, which I can not stop using.

Before starting the review, I want to thank Lisa Lizaveta23 for motivation, after her review on this lipstick, I ran to the store :)!

Burberry Kisses Full No. 529 English Rose for sale in a nice embossed box.

Lipstick made in Italy. Weight is 2 grams. Perfume is missing. Shelf life with an open lid – 36 months. Price without discounts — 2360 RUB.

Suddenly someone come in handy composition

The case is quite heavy, made of metallized plastic, with decoration in the form of proprietary cells Burberry.

The number of shade listed at the bottom of the case.

Cover reliable, just does not open. That’s a plus and a minus. When you open this can damage the stick, which is not fully twisted in the socket.

Even the disadvantages can include the fact that just a couple of applications of STIK lipstick starts to hurt Chuck. This deformation is due to the very soft texture of the lipstick, which even can not withstand the pressure on the lips. In General, the aesthetic side is a bit weak.

Shade English Rose lives up to its name. It is pale pink, slightly covered tone.

On the hand I see it as a small terracotta touch, but on my lips it is noticeably cold. Looks more purple than pink beige.

The quality of the coating I have no complaints, I think lipstick is fine.

During wear for loop not running, strip at the junction of the lip does not form. Think of peeling all the same stress, but in practice I can not check. Lips are in good condition.

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Durability is also good, the lipstick leaves the lips only four hours later. Cold drink stand, a food intake – no. The dishes, of course, is imprinted.

Lips do not dry out, but care I did not notice. Although, apparently, the oil that may solidify in small grains. When applied on the lips melt and does not felt.

Lipstick has become my frequent companion for the makeup, without makeup, and also for more dramatic images.

The windowIn the room

This is my first lipstick from Burberry and I want to say that the quality of the lipstick I’m happy with, but the format issue is not good. If I buy another lipstick brand, then in other packages.

Thank you for your attention!


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