Future beauty: cosmetic innovations 2019

The pace of development of the industry of beauty is so high that innovation, about which no one could not have imagined a few months ago, has today become an integral part of health treatments. We have prepared an overview of the most exciting beauty innovations of the year 2019, which is already available on the market.

The content of the article:

  • + Amkiri – aroma, which can be seen
  • Makeup that adapts to lighting conditions
  • From the balm Foundation, light powder for a few seconds
  • Acne-positive – not so bad acne, as they are painted
  • New trend – cosmetics-activated movement
  • Skin care to a new level
  • Epigenetics will keep skin youthful
  • RevAir – hair straightening can be gentle
  • Smart mirrors become more intelligent
  • Hydrodermabrasion person – one of the most popular services of beauty salons
  • Regrow MD Laser 272 – question of hair loss solved

+ Amkiri – aroma, which can be seen

According to analysts at research company Mintel, deserve special attention the world’s first visual spirits + Amkiri Visual Fragrance. Among the most innovative textural innovations that have appeared on the market over the last 12 months, these scented ink, available in black or white color, just applied to the skin using the brush applicator with the use of stencils included in the kit to create tattoos. The scent that the user could literally be felt through the sense of smell, but also to see, can achieve a kind of “multi-sensory expression”. The cost of a set consisting of a perfume applicator and templates for figures, is around US $ 70.

A new concept of the fragrance, which you can see

Makeup that adapts to lighting conditions

Bilateral concealer from Estée Lauder allows you to simultaneously moisturize the skin and correct certain deficiencies. At one end of the concealer contains hyaluronic acid, softening the skin, another is a special composition based on the technology IntuiTone. This mixture is a combination of optical alloy and jet-milled pigments that work on the principle of a chameleon, working with natural skin tone. Often in sunlight patches of skin covered with concealer to become noticeable, but the product is Estée Lauder is able to adapt to changes in lighting conditions.

Several problems – one solution with a cost of $ 40

From the balm Foundation, light powder for a few seconds

When Giorgio Armani Beauty Power Fabric High Coverage Foundation is on the skin, applied with a sponge, brush or even fingers, it instantly turns from a balm into a cream or powder. First, this Foundation seems to be a balm, because the Armani team were able to enter into the really high pigment concentration of 15%. This type of coverage is usually achieved when applying heavier foundations, which can look on the skin like a mask, but when you move to the second phase rich balm becomes a light cream.

The magic of makeup near for $ 65

When applying the balm encapsulated oil is broken – and it becomes a cream that is easily applied for a smooth and uniform coating. While this is happening, the capsules of the second type in the composition start to evaporate, releasing ultrafine powders deposited on the skin, they contain oil and water-absorbing agent (mineral perlite), which repels moisture, sweat and sebum for long-lasting preservation of the coating in its original form.

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Acne-positive – not so bad acne, as they are painted

If in the past, acne was seen as something terrible and requiring the use of drastic measures and immediate treatment, then in 2019 have shown that acne can be treated differently. The concept of positive attitude to the shortcomings of their own skin began to gain momentum in social networks. In other words, women publish their selfie pictures taken without makeup, in the online media, showing the scars and traces of acne. While Starface, a brand for skin care are in the USA, decided to support this kind of challenge to the ideals of beauty, offering unique patches for acne. Their task is not to hide pimples, but rather to emphasize them.


It’s the finest time for acne

Striking design, according to the manufacturer, allows to remove the feeling of nervousness and anxiety among consumers suffering from rashes. In addition to decorative purpose such patches, it is important that they can significantly reduce acne over six hours of use. The cost of one set of this tool – $ 22.

New trend – cosmetics-activated movement

Last year we wrote about the fact that the beauty of sports is becoming increasingly popular. In 2019, this trend continued, reaching the new level. In March, the cosmetics market there are special sticky Face tiny Sticks, valued at $ 50. Feature of these sticks is that the harder you train, the more they work. If before the sweat and fever was a stumbling block for skin care, it FaceGym uses them in the interests of the consumer.

Skin care that becomes stronger together with you

When you warm up, the first set of ingredients prepares the skin for the principle of stretching the muscles before exercise. Perspiration destroys the second layer of the encapsulated active substances, which are absorbed into the skin and begin to work on improving the level of antioxidants. Then, the formula continues to work for six hours after you have finished your workout. The lineup includes four kinds of cosmetic sticks multivitamins to recharge, charcoal for detox, Brazilian pink clay to lighten and spirulina for tightening the skin.

Skin care to a new level

Personalization’s skin care – the most popular trend in the market, but at the same time it so difficult to implement, because of the varieties of skin types there is a huge number. However Clinique have managed to find a balance between effective production and the individual needs of each consumer. So, iD Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly & Active Concentrate Cartridge – a customized cosmetic product designed for various problems in skin care, helping you achieve perfect skin. The consumer only needs to choose the type of basics moisturizing gel, jelly or lotion, and then pick up special cartridge, “reinforcing” effect of the framework based on their needs (uneven skin tone, wrinkles, pores, dull skin).

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The combination of basic hydration and personalized care

The cost of any of the funds is $ 39. The manufacturer claims that the results of using Clinique ID will be visible to the end of the second week, if you apply the product twice a day – morning and evening.

Epigenetics will keep skin youthful

Brand Miamo has presented her own line of anti-aging cosmetics Age Reverse, which is based on achievements in the field of epigenetics. This is the newest branch of science that studies the interaction between environmental factors (smog, pollution, uncontrolled exposure to UV light, the stress associated with busy life) and human DNA, and how these interactions affect the appearance and health of our skin.

The relationship of genetics and environment will allow you to stay young

Epigenetic active substances, rejuvenates the skin, modulating the expression of genes involved in the aging process. Part of all four product lines Age Reverse includes the revolutionary brand design Epigenage, a pool of active ingredients, created as a result of studies on epigenetics in the laboratories of Miamo, which helps stimulate antioxidant, anti-inflammatory protection and helps regenerate the epidermis.

RevAir – hair straightening can be gentle

RevAir is vakuumpumpe device that gently pulls hair strands and literally sucks the moisture, drying and straightening your hair three times faster than conventional dryer and then applying a flat iron for straightening curls. System allows air to move downward and outward in the same direction in which the hair cuticle lies. Thus, the hair becomes smoother and less frizzy. The device can be used for any type of hair.

An innovative device for hair straightening worth 465 dollars

RevAir uses the process of Reverse-Air – drying capsule keeps all the heat inside the capsule, and not blowing it directly on your scalp that gets rid of excess sweat. Heat damage to hair is minimal in addition, the use RevAir does not require the use of a comb.

Smart mirrors become more intelligent

HiMirror is 247 personal beauty consultant providing beauty tips, health and fitness, as well as helpful videos and articles. The developed system evaluates the condition of your skin and make the best use of existing funds for the care of the skin. This smart mirror takes care of your skin in three stages: analyzes, monitors progress and adjusts its cosmetics. And this cycle repeats constantly. Using photos that are saved directly in the mirror, the device recognizes the problems of the skin of the user. Thanks to this Bank of images, the software monitors and analyzes the condition of the skin all the time, providing optimum care. This takes into account how the results of the analysis and local weather conditions.

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HiMirror know about your skin all and even more

The functionality of the smart mirror also has a program management body means. It is sufficient to scan all the products and the system not only determines the optimal sequence of care, but also let me remind you, when it will expire shelf life drugs. Augmented reality provides virtual fitting room for makeup, keeping the photos a certain way, the user can easily repeat the desired bow. The system can adapt to five different lighting scenarios (restaurant, sunset, shopping center, open space, bright office lighting) and also allows you to multiply the areas for applying makeup. Moreover, using HiMirror, you can share the beauty content on the social networks. Price smart-mirrors – $ 300.

Hydrodermabrasion person – one of the most popular services of beauty salons

In 2019, an advanced treatment procedure for exfoliating the face hydrodermabrasion is widespread and has secured a leading place in the list of services of many beauty salons. HydraFacial (pictured right) launched his own Elite is an electronic device that uses patented technology Vortex-Fusion to cleanse and moisturize the skin, offering a multi-step process, which combines hydrodermabrasion with chemical exfoliation, extraction, LED therapy, and many others.

Cosmetic devices from 3D-lipo and HydraFacial

At the same time, 3D-HydrO2 – apparatus for the care of skin 3D-lipo (left) designed to deliver hydration, oxygenation, rejuvenation, tightening and lightening skin using seven different technologies, including the function of Hydro Peel, which uses a combination of three solutions to help with the bacteria and inflammation. The cost of these procedures depends on the policy of beauty, but the average is 50 dollars.

Regrow MD Laser 272 – question of hair loss solved

The revolutionary solution against baldness Regrow Laser MD 272 just three times a week for 30 minutes is all you need to get rid of thinning hair by using innovative but easy to use nozzle HairMax, which will be perfect for any baseball caps. The developers claim that laser diodes “awaken” the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth.

999 USD for the opportunity to have a thick head of hair

The BioLight system Comfort Design includes 272 high-quality laser uniformly distributed inside a flexible and light inner lining. Manufacturers are so confident that offer to return the cost of the device, if the year of its application, the user will not get the desired result.

Although experts in the field of the beauty industry claim that the industry lacks a truly revolutionary innovation, manufacturers are not going to stay in their designs. And novelties 2019 – a clear confirmation that only reinforces expectations that we have prepared 2020.

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