Gattefosse launches natural substitute silicone for hair care

French manufacturer of cosmetic active ingredients Gattefossé released Definicire his first ingredient for hair care.

The researchers Gattefosé using the knowledge in the field of biochemistry, was able to develop an ingredient that mimics the beneficial conditioning and protective properties of the sebum of the scalp, but no effect of fat content.

The main components of the new ingredient are high molecular weight esters, found in the shell of sunflower seeds and jojoba beads. These esters react with polyglycerol, to improve the distribution of the substance on the surface of the hair and to ensure the formation of homogeneous films.

According to Gattefossé, a clinical trial of a new substance shows that hair restore water repellency is ability to repel water, allowing cosmetic products to protect hair from humidity and Curling. The hair will also become more supple and smooth to the touch, while the styling keeps much more.

“We have for several years been working hard to develop a cosmetic ingredient, which will replace the silicones in products for hair care. We were able to show that the natural sebum really is the best way to protect your hair. Due to frequent shampooing, thermal effects and environmental pollution, the sebum of the scalp may not always play the role for which it is intended. Because of this, hair becomes more prone to the destructive impact,” explains Vincent Hubice responsible for the development of applications in the Gattefossé Group.

Based on these data, the company has developed ingredient with a chemical structure close to the sebum. However, the composition Definicire differs in the greater length of the carbon chains than that of sebum, which allows to achieve the same effect while avoiding the greasy hair.

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“Sensory properties of the hair after application were the main criteria in the development Definicire. Our experts carefully developed the new ingredient to avoid greasy hair like in appearance and to the touch. Our teams in Singapore and Brazil checked the squads to assess the effectiveness of the moisture barrier and got promising results,” said Mr. Kubice.

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