Gel Polish: truth and myths

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About different types of coverage for your nails there are many myths that give rise to doubts among lovers of the perfect manicure.

Now many women prefer resistant coating for nails, as it allows nails done three weeks, and in some cases, it can be worn for more than a month. Regular nail Polish such properties can not boast of such coverage will be enough at best for a week.

Selection of resistant coating is now quite broad, focus on the most popular gel lacquer. It is worth noting that he can really have a harmful substance, but in the usual “classical” varnish. So this should not be a cause for concern. Ask the masters, what materials he works with – usually everyone is trying to choose for its customers the best, but there are exceptions and unpleasant. If you are allergic, then be sure to discuss this with the master before the procedure.

When removing and applying gel Polish you can really damage the nail plate. But this is only because of the inexperience or carelessness of the master. If you trust your nails professional with extensive experience, the damage is excluded. Master gently grinds off part of the top layer of the nail, the coverage is well kept. And there’s a bonus if your nails are no different to a perfectly flat plate, the gel Polish will effectively help to hide this deficiency.

Worried that the gel Polish you can not frequently change, and to wear? It is not, but a lot still depends on the master. An experienced master will not allow excessive drying of the nail plate, and if it’s already happened and will tell you how to rectify the situation. In addition, there are special medical coverage and various restorative compositions, which are applied under the colored coating.

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By the way, gel nail itself protects the nails from external influences. First, it makes them more durable – it will almost certainly save you from the risk of a sudden break a nail at the most inopportune moment. Second, the nails are sealed and are less exposed to harmful factors, for example, during cleaning with chemicals.

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