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Eyebrows are everything! The shape of the eyebrows can dramatically change the way we think, the eyes and face. So (as many have guessed), the protagonist of my post means brow gel tint eyebrow BROW TINT, Brow CC in color of grey brown.

I’ll start in order. The tint is sold in a cardboard box. The packaging was not tamper proof.

On the box, the manufacturer has placed the following information.

As was specified tint Tinta.

He tint is a small plastic tube with a thin nozzle, a volume of 10 ml.

Shelf life after opening 12 months. Very convenient!

Color — taupe. Very pigmented. If you apply it heavily, the color is very beautiful, but when the feather starts to go into the swamp (I personally thought so). On switch caused intense tint (top) and aintensive (bottom). In both cases, the color is great.

Photo iskusstvennom lighting

Photos in room lightPhotos in the sunlight

Consistency Tinta Geleva-creamy, thick. Apply evenly, with no bald spots. Virtually no odor, which is an advantage.

Apply tint specially beveled eyebrow brush which is included is not. For me it’s not a problem ( I never use the “complete” brush), maybe for others it will be a significant disadvantage.

With the application having some problems. Tint rapidly solidifies. So the time to sit with a beveled brush in his hands with a wistful look, as a true artist, just no. To work with it more actively. I recommend removing from the tube a small amount of product separately for each eyebrow. In case of delay, you will have to suffer with drawing poluzaschite Tinta.

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Despite this feature, tint very economical. To draw eyebrow quite a small pea of this tool.

The next problem that I had — the intensity of application. With Tinta very easy to overdo it. Personally I’m not a fan of bright graphic eyebrows. If you apply it thickly, you get the following.

Eyebrows without allIntensely struck tint. The artificial lighting. Giving some marsh color at the base of the eyebrow.Now in daylight. The color is great.

In order to draw natural eyebrows, you need to take quite a bit of product, feather it with a brush on the hand or a palette and then put the remnants lightly. To tint better distribute work better with a damp brush.

Tint with artificial lighting.Tint in daylight.

As stated by the manufacturer, tint is water resistant and lasts 24 hours. We test for water resistance.

I put tint on my hand and fishing hand warm water. Hold my hand under the tap for about a minute. And that’s what happened.

Under the lamp.From room lighting.

As you can see, the tint remained in place.

Next, I washed my hand with soap ( active mylili place where it is applied tint).

Tint is all the same still quite sits well on the skin.

Trying to remove the tint micellar water.

Finally, a lotion with oils.

Tint completely removed only dvukhfaznykh.

To summarize. Tint was very resistant, vysokomehanizirovannyh, which is an advantage. But maybe some will have problems with the application. Then you just need to adjust.

Rating 4 (because of peculiarities in drawing and color).

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