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Company Mintel announced that buyers of cosmetics at the age of 16 to 20 represent the next generation of consumers.

He even has the name of AVID, which stands for the following: Approaching adulthood (approaching maturity), Video driven (commitment video), Influencer aware (awareness) and Digital natives (“digital generation”).

Mintel, the cosmetic analyzing the UK market, found that:

• 80% of UK consumers aged 16-20 years bought beauty products in the past year;

• 64% of Britons aged 16 to 20 years in awe of the beauty products that are “fun to use”;

• 61% of Britons in the same age group interested in the analysis of their skin or hair.

Generation of AVID in many ways different consumer generation, the formation of which was influenced by a number of social factors.

So, approaching adulthood means that this consumer group becomes independent, getting higher education or starting work. Now these buyers have your money and a certain level of responsibility to make decisions.

In addition, consumers AVID largely dependent on video resources. They learned to use makeup video tutorials, allowing them to approach this creative and experiment. It is worth noting that such training never ends.

This generation also features a special awareness. If in the past buyers were influenced by fashion magazines and celebrities, AVID, in addition, have access to social media and to communicate with influential figures across multiple platforms.

This age group also refers to the “digital generation”, which is a more responsible approach to the use of the Internet. Representatives of AVID are wary of sharing data and are concerned with how brands track their interests. This affects what they share online.

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Charlotte Libby, an analyst with the global beauty market from Mintel, explains that the growing popularity of social networking and other digital solutions affects the nature of the costs of this growing group of consumers. “Technology has a strong influence on the lifestyle of AVID,” she explains, noting that the promotion of healthy behavior should be one of the prerogatives of the beauty industry.

“In addition to the traditional problems of teenagers, this generation faces a new set of challenges from the industry, confirms it. – Warped image of beauty because of the constant use of photo-versions of his is exacerbated by the dominance of social networking. So the AVID consumers are paying more attention to funny to cosmetic products and not just changing the appearance. They are attracted by the brands creative, entertaining and multi-sensory products.”

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