Gentle and effective cleansing of the face with the gel cleanser for oily and combination skin of I+M Naturkosmetik

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Congratulations to all the beautiful Kosmetischen happy New Year! I wish you all beauty, love and harmony — both internal and external!)

Today I had the time to publish a post, which I have long intended to publish, but was postponed. Today I will share with you my impressions from using the cleansing gel from organic German brand I+M Naturkosmetik, which I really liked.

I+M NATURKOSMETIK. Cleansing gel for the face “Phyto Balance” with mallow and elderberry. For combination and oily skin.

Cleansing gel is packaged in a tall bottle with a dispenser with a volume of 150 ml. Strict and concise design, well suited to organic cosmetics. On top of the dispenser wearing the cap (in this photo it is not because I have quickly lost).

The dispenser is working properly, but clicking on it produces a small portion of the funds. To wash the face and neck, I need 4-5 taps. Here is the amount of gel needed for one washing (consumption still is relatively cheap):

The tools are easy and pleasant cosmetic smell. The consistency is a little thick opaque white lotion, not the gel. But the manufacturer calls its vehicle gel, so I will continue to call it that.

Ingredients: Water, aloe juice*, coconut glucosides, Cetearyl alcohol, olive oil*, perfume**, glycerin, sesame oil*, glyceryl stearate citrate, mallow extract*, elderberry extract*, Arnica extract*, lemon balm extract*, fennel extract*, hops extract*, yarrow extract*, glyceryl caprilate, alcohol*, xanthan gum, sodium lauroyl, lactylate, sodium phytate, vitamin E, sunflower oil, lactic acid, citral**, citronellol**, geraniol**, lemon**, linalool**.

*biological cultivation

**from natural essential oils

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Gel does not foam and no foam. But wet skin is distributed perfectly. I use it in the morning while taking a shower. Wash completely non-foaming means for me is unusual, but quite pleasant and comfortable. The gel is very easily and quickly washed off with water.

Tell a few words about the benefits of and need for a morning face wash that is a cleanser and not just water. While we sleep, the sebaceous glands continue to provide sebum and toxins, and is a favorable environment for bacteria. Therefore, the lack of morning face can lead to clogging of pores by these products of vital functions of the skin, as our sebaceous glands work not less actively, than during the day (this is especially true for oily and combination skin type). I noticed for myself that if poor clean skin in the morning (in the evening all washed, but about the morning and sometimes forget), the pores begin to get clogged faster and be a little bit of trouble in the form of pimples and inflammation.

This tool gently and gently cleanses the skin from accumulated for a night of contaminants, without destroying the hydro-lipid barrier and drying the skin. Any unnecessary trouble with such a washing does not appear.

After washing, I always decimal the skin tonic. So a cotton pad after the procedure diocesana face, always clean that says that cleansing the gel on top. No adverse reaction he didn’t, for me it’s a good basic umyvalka for the face, which is well performs its function. The best part of this gel is a sense of purity and softness of the skin after washing. Skin requests not immediately run off and something on to spread, she is not dehydrated.

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I share the tools for make-up removal and cleansing of the face, so the gel I have never tried to wash off the makeup. However, the cleansing gel can be used not only in the morning (as I use it), but in the evening after removing make-up, the second step in cleansing the face. I just for the evening cleansing is now a different tool.

The tool is good and effective. There is no zest or extra bonus, but if you just need high-quality and gentle cleansing, the tool I recommend.

Term of use: 1 month every morning

Volume: 150 ml

Rating: 4+

Price: 1196 RUB.

Thank you all for your attention, I — Anya:)

Brand is not very popular, but I’ll be glad to comment if you have something from it tried.

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