Gentle makeup on pigments in pink colors

Do not be afraid of pink color in eye makeup. In this post you will see the phased creation of this makeup.

  • The first step is to apply concealer to the entire lid and securing it with powder under the eyes
  • Next, the applied liquid matte shadow warm beige color from the NYX Matte Revel Lingerie Lid 16 over the entire lid
  • Under the eyebrow, apply a cream highlighter (actually a liquid eye shadow) from ‘ 86
  • All the other shadows from Sigil Inspired. The color of the Bride the black cat the built form of make-up, darkening the outer part of the eye on upper and lower eyelids.
  • First, just fill the shadows on the skin

    Then gently shade, creating a form.

    This process is not fast and requires concentration and patience (and more patience)

    5.The next step is the application of lower eyelid color is the intruder

    6.At the centre of the lid by accessing the gradient of the Bride the black cat the color is applied to the Abbess of the forest home. The color from the new collection and it is just amazing!

    7.Color Projection of bliss (duochrome from Golden to pink) fills in the remaining part of the upper and lower eyelid. In the inner corner of your eye color polynomials.

    8.With the help of a mixing medium to create eyeliner and color to Passionate mistress creates an area on the inside of the eye.

    Then paint the lashes mascara L’etoile Premiere Geniale and put eyebrows transparent gel

    Pripudrivayut face (loose powder Inglot)

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    Do a dry correction palette NYX

    On the left (to the reader) side suffered a correction, with no right

    Apply blush on the upper part of the cheek and temporal bone

    Next, apply the highlighter with a pink glare from IsaDora

    Apply lipstick from NYX Liquid from the Suede in the color Soft-spoken fluffy synthetic brush (brush chilly dash Hot b1tch)

    Makeup ready

    Thanks for watching

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