Get rid of hypersensitive skin and acne for 2 months. Part 2

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All kind time of day!

In the first part of the epic about the sudden problems I was talking about the funds that formed the basis of care, when the skin eventually fell into disrepair.

In this part we will talk about the soldier who took the brunt (as I suspect) the updating of the facade.

  • Baziron AU 5% For the treatment of acne (there are more versions of 2.5% and 10%)

The tube came in a box with instructions where they are now — even scary to imagine.

In fact, you can see that this tube tactfully took the example of the Christie Brinkley and stopped aging.

The tube is plastic, thick, with a plastic white lid with carving. Does not leak, does not crease, dances with tambourines do not require and do good, all would behave. The inscription never jammed, despite numerous trips to the bag and a few gurgling in the full bathroom.

On the back of the tube relative a bit of useful information.

Active element — water benzoyl peroxide, which in the most part for the penetration in the skin is converted into benzoic acid. Benzoic acid, in turn, is a ferocious enemy propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that cause acne, multiply by a lack of oxygen.

As you can see on the composition, pH is as close to a natural human (5.1 to 5.5), which allows the gel even on dry and sensitive skin. In theory.

In practice, Matt has proven to be a very uncompromising and use it on my face became very problematic: gel catastrophically dries the skin, causing peeling and small burns at the site of application.

After a short doubt, I reclassified it into a means to the skin of the back and there was a magic: the gel has rounded up all the inflammation in less than a month. I used it on clean wet skin: smeared a drop across the back, waited until the skin is dry, and dressed. In the summer nothing was closed, is now over applying lotion.

Because of the way the application of the gel is minimal enough for me for the year, given the fact that I use it twice a week in the evening.

The skin is not effective spreads very easily, has the consistency of a light cream white. Medicinal smell.

When compared with retinoic ointment that I used in the same period for the same purpose, Matt dries stronger and is more long addiction.

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The first week after application of retinoic my face is inflamed, went red spots and scaly like an old bench, but over time it gradually passed, and almost immediately after that, it became noticeable result. Now skin got used to it and during periods of exacerbation, when I go back to using the ointment, no thermonuclear reactions no.

With Matt harder: I have a facial reaction when trying the application, and on the face of it not for the better: the skin dries, becomes sensitive and loses its color.

Perhaps this is my individual response, but still on the tube, I look with caution.

Swatch for comparison of textures:

Period of use: from 12 September to now

Volume: 40 g

Price: 750 rubles

Rating: 4 poisonous

  • “Molecule” Overactive concentrate from acne and pimples Hyaluronic concentrate

Actually, things like this a chatterbox, in a world of hundreds and hundreds, I suspect. How I found this particular — he was still the quest for the title of intelligent, but nevertheless I have it and it works for me.

Continuing the tradition: do this thing before was a box, without instructions, but with the squad.

In fact, except for the part on the box was only endless promises of magic from the manufacturer, so it is even good that box is now somewhere else, because the promises are slightly questionable in its relevance.

But the part I’ll show you:

Aqua, Amorphophallus Konjac Root, Mannan, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, 1,3-dimethylol 5,5-dimethylhydantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Azelaic acid, Arginine, Sulfur praecipitatum, Bisabolol, Perfume, Disodium EDTA.

In the composition of konjak mannan (of the same, of which kojakovice sponges do), glycerin, biodegradable, sulfur, hyaluronic, and azelaic acid, is very little arginine and bisabolo and quite a lot of alcohol — talker they even smell. However, a fatty alcohol, which is not so bad for the skin. Its action personally, I am on my skin not feel.

And feel, in fact, exactly what this jar and bought concentrate, reduces inflammation, and can remove even large sore pimples, if you have time to burn them at the initial stage, the well is already drying inflammation.

The concentrate is gel pale pink, long freezes on the skin while remaining smooth film and which necessarily need to close the moisturizer because, despite all the promises, it is still dry.

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The gel is so thick that inside the jar it is possible to consider the trace of the pipette

I put onto areas of inflammation of the gel is distributed very easily. It is possible (but not necessary) quite easily handle a large area of the skin.

The product is made of opaque plastic material, which creases easily under the fingers, but it can survive an infinite number of drops. On the thread of the traces of concentrate, which got there when you first open the jar. The neck get dirty, but out the gel does not flow.

And now a few words about the most interesting in the jar — dispenser-pipette.

First, it is. And secondly, if you thought he was so great and can dial out as a thick gel, then you have not guessed, of course. Specifically, the dose of lives in the pipette from the beginning and generally does not react to any attempts to draw her out. I know how to get that out, but it won’t be just dancing with a tambourine, and a bubennyy the corps de ballet, which is admittedly unpleasant.

In fact, the pipette can be used as a shovel, or better yet, buy health shovel and climbing it to her. In addition, the cap is very dirty and scratched.

But if you move away from the packaging — this thing I really like: it is cheap, working, not harm my skin never (!) and it is very much in the Bank. I don’t know if I’m ready to re-purchase, but I think this waste of money for a very long time.

Period of use: from 20 September to now

Volume: 30 ml

Price: 185 roubles

Rating: 5 as medium, 1 as the Bank

  • Tindol Zinc Oxide Suspension for external application of JSC “Moscow pharmaceutical factory”

The only tool in the list that I haven’t looked in panic, and safely use for many years. Knowledge of it was given to me from my grandmother and one from her grandmother, and that, apparently, Hottabych — judging by how much the costs and how to lead.

As companions, broke up with a box and instruction at an early age and now lives an independent life.

Active ingredient — zinc oxide, and hence it is clear that the main purpose of this joy — to heal and restore. In my case, in the midst of irritation — to relieve skin hypersensitivity and this cendol managed perfectly.

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The mortar is a tool of white powder on the bottom and a liquid layer above.

I apply with a cotton swab. The solution is white, thick, color on the skin, dries very quickly and does not smell. The neck gets dirty, even if you behave impeccably, and a bottle for a couple of applications later, it looks like the existence of water on the planet don’t know.

In better days I’m not shaking the bottle, dipped a cotton swab through the liquid in the sludge and caused pitting on the inflammation. In another method of use, more categorical and efficient. In September used every day at night now — only in those days when I’m sure that in the morning I’ll have enough time for a hydrating mask.

Cotton swab I apply the solution strips around the face, then take your usual cream (in my case Cerave) and transformed from Indian to white man.

While I mess around with caps and a cotton Bud, the solution has time to dry, but the cream is at variance, blended, and face wearing a white, moveable, almost uniform mask. The skin it tightens, but the feeling in the face of something there is present.

Cream solution freezes longer, but all night — as shown by years of practice, Tindal per night will not slide, does not flow and not trying to shift the pillow — even in the dark pillow cases after it by morning no trace (although I haven’t tried how it behaves on other creams).

Washed away along with the cream running water, without any additional tweaks. After flushing the pigment on the skin remains.

The morning after the all night mask, I better are inflammation and allergic swelling (which happens often, especially in autumn and spring). The skin becomes cleaner and quieter somehow, but requires a powerful moisture.

I’m sos tool before events or during severe swelling, but as a point tool to use tindol, despite the alcohol in the composition.

Usage life: several years

Volume: 125 g

Price: 65 roubles

Rating: 5

This is my set of active agents — working, friendly, relatively cheap. They are all publicly available and obtained without a prescription.

I hope the information will be for someone useful.

Thank you =^_^=

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