Get rid of the autumn Blues with the right foods

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Did you know that the banana that you accidentally added to your morning smoothie, really uplifting, filling you with energy? Similarly, as medication against depression, some foods we eat can contain the same chemicals that make us feel more cheerful. Nutritionist Nancy Addison spoke about 35 superfood that should add to your diet, not to feel fatigue.

The world health organization (who) compares the depression epidemic that swept all mankind, she is already ranked first in the world among the causes of absenteeism at work, the second — among the diseases, leading to disability. If not taken appropriate action, by 2020 depression will paralyze the economic life of both developed and developing countries. Move away a bit from the horrific predictions and talk about how to get rid of it.

Scientists have proved that there are certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals, which reduce the negative impact of stress on the body, help to sleep better and fight depression.

Lentils, chickpeas and beans are rich in vitamin B, which has a calming effect on the body, improves mood and helps reduce anxiety (and most importantly — help prevent the appearance). It also accelerates the production of biologically active substances — noradrenaline (norepinephrine). So b group vitamins increase the resistance to stress.

Neurotransmitters (this is the types of hormones in the brain that transmit information from one neuron to another) affect every cell, tissue and system in our body. Food form the level of these neurotransmitters, they in turn have a significant impact on mood and appetite. Hormone dopamine, in particular, can affect the pleasure center. It is produced in the brain responsible for motivation and joy. Low the workings of this hormone leads to apathy and depression.

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Lettuce, spinach, turnips, mustard greens, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, citrus fruits, lentils, Basil, arugula, sunflower seeds and mushrooms contain vitamin B9 (folic acid), it is responsible for the formation of “happy hormones” in the body. Looking at the people who constantly fuss and nervous for any reason, it is possible with high probability to say that their condition is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B9.

The diet is also necessary to add yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables. Papaya, beets, apples and red bell pepper is rich in vitamins A and C and the same folic acid. They are responsible for the growth and recovery of cells damaged by stress. Doctors explain that colored vegetables and fruits contain bioflavonoids that improves blood circulation to the brain. Therefore, in the brain receives more oxygen and nutrients, increases vitality and get up at eight in the morning on a cloudy day becomes much easier.

Numerous studies have shown that celery helps to lower blood pressure, risk of cancer, the level of LDL (so called bad cholesterol), reduce inflammation and prevent sudden vision loss.

Also nutritionists advise to eat foods purple color, like blueberries and eggplant. These foods contain anthocyanins and antioxidants that are necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system, they raise the mood and normalize sleep.

Researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto found that blueberries — one of the most powerful natural antidepressants, which copes with post-Natal depression. Postpartum mood swings are common, which independently disappears after about 10 days with a new baby. However, at the peak of its intensity, this condition significantly increases the likelihood of developing full-fledged postpartum depression. Contained in blueberries amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine compensate for the increase in protein that leads to a reduction in the “happiness hormones” in the body. The researchers found that on the fifth day after birth when a decline in mood reaches its peak, women who took a nutritional Supplement based on blueberry, was not observed any negative emotional changes.

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Tea, Tulsi (also known as “Holy Basil”) helps to regulate hormones and relieve stress.

Healthy fats found in fish, avocado, coconut oil, oil from flax seeds is also izbavyat from autumn Blues.

Banana — a source of tyrosine. This amino acid is required for people who suffer from chronic fatigue and headaches. Bananas also contain an alkaloid Harman, a substance that can cause a feeling of euphoria, and vitamin B6. To maintain strength, it is recommended to eat one banana, mashed and drenched with boiling water (in the form of puree).

And Ashley Tisdale prefers a sweeter drink. It is the mixing in a blender the banana, milk, peanut butter and honey. This smoothie is, of course, not diet food. But according to the actress, it is still very useful and very uplifting.

Beets — one of the most important sources of betaine, through which she is an owner of such a deep red color. Is an amino acid that helps improve liver function, struggling with various toxins. Betaine stimulates the production of certain hormones such as dopamine and serotonin (about their properties you already know). About this “special effect” knows Julianne Hough, who came up with your recipe energizing beet smoothie with coconut milk, blueberries and celery.

While Jennifer aniston prefers a smoothie out of beets, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, celery, carrots and ginger. The actress says that drinking this green mix in the morning and goes Jogging.

Watermelon juice and rind of the berry, and melon is rich in vitamins A, B6 and C. Vitamin B6 is responsible for producing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. In the study, a group of French scientists found that the enzyme superoxide dismutase contained in them, can significantly reduce many of the symptoms of chronic stress. According to experts, this substance has a strong antioxidant effect, but the first results will be felt only after a month (sorry that the watermelon season is already over).

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Hope you don’t take the advice of the American nutritionist as counsel Elena Malysheva and stop thinking that to lighten the mood can only be chocolate.

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