Ghost Nose Parfums

Good time to all

I love to discover new flavors and new names in the world of perfumery. And recently I met some young fragrances niche brand from Italy, which was, in spite of a simple pyramid, very interesting.

Arsenico Ghost Nose Parfums, fragrance for men & women belongs to the group of woody spicy, in 2017.

Top notes: bergamot and whiskey

Middle notes: tobacco and ginger

Base notes: vanilla and white musk.

The tobacco shop. Quite authentic flavor of Cuban cigars and pipe tobacco. A glass of whiskey and a little smoked vanilla, it smoked and rich. Not patisserie vanilla/vanilla. Not sweet. Male, but not absolutely ( and women smoke pipes and drink whisky)). It is theoretically possible to play on the contrast — under the pink airy dress, but practically begging for leather “biker jacket” and shoes.

My grandmother smokes a tube

Blackest black tobacco,

My grandmother smokes a tube

In the harsh seaside smoke.

My grandmother smokes a pipe

And likes fiery rum…

Estrosa Ghost Nose Parfums, fragrance for men & women belongs to the group floral fruit created in 2016.

Top notes: pink pepper and anise

Middle notes: violet, rose and raspberry

Base notes: amber, musk and patchouli.

Pachulia, rich, dark red rose with pepper.

In conclusion, raspberries (dried berries and leaves) and amber. Staunchly, bright and beautiful .

I thought — well that’s all, quiet aroma. But there is still the “second part Marlezonskogo ballet”: after a short “lull” crawled musk, dimming the rose and reviving raspberries (smell perespevshey box of raspberries from the market), added to the composition of the flesh and sensuality.

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On a walk with this fragrance it is difficult to remain unnoticed. I really liked it and can’t compare with some other familiar scent. It is in itself.

“Autumn rose”

Showered the forest their tops,

Garden bared his brow,

A gust of September and dahlias

Breath of the night burned.

But breath of frost

Between the dead one,

You alone, the Queen rose,

Fragrant and lush.

In spite of cruel tests

And the anger fading day

You outline and breathing

In the spring wafted at me.

( Afanasy Afanasyevich FET)

Both aroma is very persistent and drag.

Fragrances available in Eau de Parfum concentration and a volume of 100 ml.

Price: 128 €

Thank you for your attention.



p.s. something pulled on the verses…

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