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Earlier, when the grass was greener and the sun shone brighter, when the trees seemed giants, and our one bedroom apartment was big enough for Cycling and the world of fragrance was different, too. He was a wonderful and unexplored, and absolutely free from social conventions and false evaluation categories.

80-90 years occurred in my youth, hot and throbbing from the joys, sorrows, desires, and hopes.The world of aromas was no longer young and innocent, he was also in the very dynamic age. It was during these years appeared a completely new distinctive fragrances. Each issue of the flash, the shock. Each newly created scent is special, the olfactory profile is unique.

Circling in the dance of Dior fragrances, Estee Lauder, Cacharel, Chanel, Lancome, Givenchy, Armani and many others, we tried the flavors hungrily and passionately, satisfying the thirst for novelty.After a time, becoming almost perfume experts, we sometimes fondly remembered brands and their flavors, leaving an indelible mark in our hearts. And wisely smiling, coming across a new product that has been sung and played by luminaries of the perfume industry.

Giorgio Armani fragrances were not numerous in my collection at the time. Too many temptations around, and I was young and didn’t know how to be faithful. However, I fondly remember the beauty of Gio, Aqua di Gio, Emporio Armani, Sensi later stunning… I wore them, threw empty bottles, bought new, changed Armani and back again easily and without hesitation… I thought that the beauty of fragrances is eternal, that it always will be, one only has to go to the store and choose between Gio and Sensi, for example, and can buy both.

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Then there was a huge break for niche awareness, trial and frustration and here I am again running into the store for a favorite summer Aqua di Gio and…… it is not. Is not quite the word. There is a different, beautiful, maybe, but not mine, someone else’s and leave me indifferent…

After that I came to fragrances from Giorgio Armani, I could not forgive the loss of two of my favorites — Sensi and Aqua Di Gio. This year Armani is back with me, mark broke into my life red swirl Si Passione, filling the shelves with their beautiful bottles, gladness, and lists of future purchases of new titles.

And despite the fact that I have a lot of decent flavors of this brand, to start I would like his story to the fragrance, which is already kind of not, but it is still possible to find online, and more time to enjoy its beauty Dating beauty- AQUA DI GIO

Aqua Di Gio was born in 1995, put Alberto Morillas, his many works I keep in my collection and wear it with pleasure, including modern flavors.
The pyramid of the rich tradition of the past century:

Top notes: peony, pineapple, musk vodka, violet peach, banana leaf, lemon
Middle notes: Lily, white freesia, Jasmine, hyacinth, ylang-wing, Lily of the valley, rose, Kalon
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, white cedar and styrax.

Belongs to the group floral fruit, but once everyone thought he was fresh aquatic scent.

For me, this flavour is not water. Except that the water content is expressed in current rivers, dense tropical juice. It is a song about the ocean. No, not the sea freshness and saltiness of minerals, but the scent of the ocean sunset, when the beach becomes a kind of battle line of hot air over ocean wave and woody balsamic coolness, gradually advancing from the tropical jungle. It’s a sharp pungent smell of the wind that brought the scent of the wooden deck of the ship, white from the salt. It was the smell of the thick, warmed in the sun flowers and the voice of the cicadas roaring in the afternoon, is a sharp green aroma of banana leaves, which even on an open fire does not burn and allows it to bake coconut cake, gently scented cream. It is drunk from love and youth nights and early morning awakenings with the chirping of birds. The smell of carefree youth and absolute serene happiness.

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You can try to decompose it into the notes… You will hear one thing, for example, coconut or pineapple, if you’re on this note. If you just close your eyes and breathe — is oceanic tropical coast with all its wind, rain, scents and plants.

Someone remembers and loves, someone thinks that his time has passed. But is there any expiration date on memories? Any flavor, as long as he lives — is quite relevant. Simply because perfume fragrances, in fact, is woven their threads of silk-the smells of our world.

Aroma of Daisy and unusually persistent. Don’t depend on the weather, rather the individual. If he went — he is a loyal companion. If your not — don’t try to tame it and it will disappoint. Compared to him, Aqua Di Gioia — beautiful obedient girl from a good family, gentle and young and very predictable))

The main reason I have written now about this instance forgotten that in a time when we didn’t appreciate the aromas from the point of view of price segment and belonging to a luxury or niche fragrance, Giorgio Armani, in fact, was a niche, bright, original and not for everyone, but surprisingly fits well into everyday life. And besides, I believe that the stylistic features of Gio, Aqua Di Gio, namely, thin calibrated Assembly, subordinate and decorated very clear idea reflected in the modern line, Armani Privé, in particular, Terres Précieuses, which is the next time and with love)

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