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At the end of last year we already wrote about the fact that Givaudan uses artificial intelligence to create new products, at the same time the company launches a new instrument created on the basis of artificial intelligence, aims to give artists new opportunities to create fragrances the next generation.

Carto is the title of a new digital tool, its appearance is the stage of realization of strategy of development of a perfume company – Givauadan 2020. The main task of the new resource, according to the developers, is to combine science and technology in the service of the perfumers.

Technology helps to make reasonable use of ingredients-flavors from the portfolio Givaudan to create “Maps values of a smell,” which in turn leads to improved olfactory properties of the final composition.

Team Givaudan Fragrance declares that working on their further development, she would like to use the ideas of consumers to provide additional data that will help to improve the tool and further enhance the creative possibilities of perfumers.

Tool Carto is a wide touch screen that perfumers can use visual and game-based approach to the development of recipes, beyond the usual spreadsheet or olfactory pyramids, which have traditionally been used in developing the fragrances. It also includes “robot for instant sampling”, which allows testing fragrances at a speed that cannot be matched with modern methods of testing and sampling.

Such a method is used in all the centers Givaudan, the perfumers providing a system for experimentation, integrated in the creation process, and provides a more holistic and creative approach to the development process.

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“We are firmly committed to promoting digital innovation in perfumery, and very nice to see how a Carto is alive, because it really develops a method of creating a perfume, said in a press release Maurizio Volpi President of the Fragrance division. – The system allows them to combine physico-chemical science and technology to maximize our palette of ingredients, while making the experiments easier and more fun”.

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