Givaudan has awarded at in-cosmetics Asia for its anti-aging component for hair

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This year at in-cosmetics Asia Givaudan presented their project among seven new sensor concepts for cosmetics, but also received the award Spotlight-On Formulation Award for: product Colourback S3D, which not only prevent hair turning gray, but in reverse this process.

“We are honored to receive global recognition from the leading experts in the industry by showing how innovative active ingredients to create revolutionary market concept,” said Fabrice lefèvre, Director of marketing and innovation, Givaudan.

It should be noted that the S3D Colourback entered the new development Givaudan Active Beauty – Darkenyl, active ingredient for hair, created on the basis of the results of recent studies of stem cells and developed in order to reverse the aging process of hair.

Darkenyl effective for any hair, regardless of type, color and gender. This component counteracts the biological process of creating hair with streaks of gray by combining two molecules – glucoside, the Taxifolin, the unique stabilized plant polyphenols and N-acetyltyrosine, a soluble precursor of melanin synthesized.

According to the manufacturers, Darkenyl increases the division of stem cells by 30%, and its antioxidant properties reduce free radicals in the hair follicles of 53%. It also helps to protect existing melanocytes and melanogenesis after the hair matrix will be re-filled. Clinical trials showed that study participants four times decrease in the number of gray hair after the application of the drug. It is noted also a long-lasting effect from S3D Colourback.

The composition of the S3D Colourback can provide eight benefits in one: restore the natural pigmentation of the hair to provide long-term hydration to increase. In addition to its innovative formula cosmetic product also comes in an elegant bottle with an applicator resembling a comb, which allows to apply the drug precisely to the roots for “activation efficiency”.

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