Givaudan presents its latest achievements in the field of perfumery

Not so long ago we wrote about the fact that Givaudan uses artificial intelligence to create new products as the company once again found something to surprise the beauty industry, presenting at a trade show in-cosmetics LATAM is its innovative approach to perfumery.

A new concept of flavors involves a combination product perfume and cosmetics. The aim of such goods to encourage consumers to think more about daily personal hygiene and care.

The concept, according to representatives of Givaudan, focused on the world market, but it is especially important that she first presented at the event in-cosmetics LATAM in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as the Latin American market is especially important for all kinds of flavors.

It should be noted that the concept of perfume from Givaudan is based on four main themes: the attraction, the perfection, the feeling and approval (Attraction, Perfection, Sensation, Affirmation), values that are the Foundation of what we are striving for many consumers.

According to the team Givaudan Active Beauty, these topics represent the four product concepts, each dedicated to different areas of the body, has variable efficacy, and sensory qualities. These sensory qualities is notable for the fact that more than 10% of the composition of each concept consist of Givaudan fragrances portfolio.

The theme of the attraction (Attraction) apply lotion for the neck and décolleté, which has Megassane, illuminator colour, and Neurophroline, the total stress on the skin. This component of the concept of a new generation of perfume is musky, spicy and woody olfactory notes.

Perfection (Perfection) presented dry oil for body with SPF 20, which includes oil Nyalungu from the nuts of Indonesian wood, as well as Questice Liquid, ingredient providing a prolonged cooling effect, the component Uniprotect PT-3 with powerful protective properties against ultraviolet radiation. Perfection protects and repairs the skin from all external influences. It has fruity top notes, complemented by a few sea flavors.

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Sensation (Sensation) – light spray having the refreshing properties of a component Evercool skin. Sensation gives a feeling of freshness and a different aroma with fruity olfactory notes, which aim at creating a sense of peace and moisture.

Approval (Affirmation) – elixir with floral, fruity and woody olfactory notes. Thanks ResistHyal, a means for strengthening of hair 7-in-1 oil and Kendi Glossyliance – the special ingredient for the hair. The concept of Affirmation aims to give hair a glossy effect, softness, moisture and volume.

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