Givaudan produces ingredient against digital stress


To protect your skin from digital stress, Givaudan Active Beauty put the fruit extract of Gardenia from China. Acting as a natural shield, a new ingredient prevents breaking the cycle of melatonin production in the skin (the hormone regulating circadian rhythm of sleep) caused by the blue light of the screens.

This new active ingredient, called Synchronight occurs from the extract of dried fruits of Gardenia produced in the region Guangxi in China. Formulated to protect the skin, it acts as a screen from digital stress, in particular, emission of blue light emitted by electronic devices. Thus, the skin is protected from external influences associated with the modern digital lifestyle, and Synchronight allows melatonin to play their natural role in regulating the sleep cycle and wakefulness.

“Synchronight, which is activated by the microbiome, stimulates rejuvenation of the skin and maintains the natural cycle of allocation of melatonin in the skin, which leads to younger skin and better sleep” – explain the representatives of Givaudan. This new ingredient is obtained using NaDES technology, patented by the company Naturex (currently it is part of Givaudan), which allows to extract the phytochemicals from the raw materials, which are not always completely soluble in lipid or aqueous phases.

“Our team of experienced researchers in the field of skin research and Microbiology identified a unique opportunity to bring this ingredient to life. The creation of a natural ingredient known to fight the effects of digital stress and improve quality of sleep, today is a turning point for innovation in the field of beauty. We look forward to working with our customers to create new meaningful beauty products that bring joyful moments of the day and night,” said Laurent Burdo, head of Givaudan Active Beauty.

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To illustrate the possibility of drawing up related Synchronight, Givaudan has developed a night cream called My Blue Guard High Performance”, which is also used DreamScentz, technology of perfumes designed to improve sleep for each person.

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