Givaudan uses artificial intelligence to create new products

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Givaudan Active Beauty represents its new development EVE – digital assistant new product development, based on artificial intelligence and intended to facilitate the creation of a new composition of cosmetic products.

This app allows you to quickly determine the best match between a brief description of the product and active cosmetic ingredients from Givaudan Active Beauty. Thus, developers will be able to greatly accelerate the creation of new products.

Thanks to the intuitive interface allows EVE users to specify characteristics of the composition of the funds according to several criteria, including:
• targeted consumer profile;
• expected region launch
• the requirements set by the legislation;
• product positioning,
• certain properties of a product;
• compliance with the latest market trends;
• the type of structure;
• the price range for retailers.

EVE calculates possible options of accounting for these various factors in the decision matrix and offers the best ingredients that meet the list of wishes of clients. After a user creates EVE full summary of the new composition, offering a holistic account of their proposals, which are then forwarded by e-mail.

“Digital development is the Foundation of our innovation strategy. In a fast paced environment we provide the latest technology to our customers to help them save time and accelerate product development. EVE can already calculate more than two million options to make life easier for our customers and allow them to focus on their business,” says Justin Rode, project Manager of digital marketing at Givaudan Active Beauty.

Recall that Givaudan is vigorously promoting in the global market. In particular, the company Givaudan plans to buy Naturex for 1.3 billion euros. In addition, the organization reinforces the research findings on the skin microbiome. Division Givaudan Active Beauty offers an extensive portfolio of innovative active cosmetic ingredients including anti-aging products, tanning, soothing, moisturizing and cooling substance.

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