Givenchy Bouncy Highlighter

Hello, dear girls!

Today I’ll tell you what a Bouncy Givenchy limited edition Highlighter from the collection of African Light Summer 2018.

To begin with, that the store I went for the highlighter from Dior, a lot of it have seen enough, heard enough and wanted crazy. But I was “lucky” to get to the moment when the old has ended, a new collection yet to be released.

I traveled half the town in the hope that at least in some shop in the remains of it is still there, but alas.😒 And here is this woman, if I came for a highlighter, so I want to buy it now.

Givenchy Bouncy Highlighter presented in the store is very nice, African ethnic motifs and he is in the center, caught my attention. The consultant said that the texture is not what I was looking for, but I couldn’t stop.😃 Tested on the hand, he liked me, and I’m happy, walked out of the store with a purchase.

Design elegant, looks very simple, but at the same time expensive. Plastic jar, Unscrew the lid. Inside the highlighter is very beautiful embossed African patterns.

The texture is creamy. Brush it absolutely will not gain, only a finger. Not always applied evenly, plesivec. Its structure is as small spangle that create on the skin subtle highlight and larger glitters that, if you look — the visible, which is not to everyone’s taste.

Color single — 01 African glowing gold. More advantageous will look great on dusky girls or summer, under the sun.

The smell is very pleasant: light, moist, trapped citrus notes. The manufacturer says that the highlighter has a scent of frangipani flowers.

Resistance is good, can withstand the whole day. About the flow it’s hard to judge, since I use it every day.

With the first application, almost nothing is noticeable on the face, plus a portion of the product remains on the finger. To create a natural glow I apply it about 3 layers. What on a photo it was visible, I had to layer 10 times.

Swatch in different lighting:

In the rays of the sun.Daylight.In the shadows. It is possible to notice how uneven lies.


Conclusion: I like it for summer use. To create a wet effect and a natural glow on the skin. But suggesting it will not. I think for the money it is possible to find a decent product, maybe two.

Rating: 3 out of 5 (for design, color and odor).

Price: 1270 UAH. (about 47$)

Testing period: 8 months.

Thank you for your attention!

With respect, Olga.

All a good day!😘

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