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Givenchy misses an opportunity to regale us all with new collections and products for lips. Well, you see, the brand leave the most beautiful cases lipsticks ever 🙂

And along with limited edition seasonal collections, the brand has released a line of lip balms (4 shades) in pink leather cases. And I was certainly interested in the darkest blue shade Blue Pink

The external component is as marvelous as ever — exquisite pale pink box and ink balm with a scattering of shimmer — a whole galaxy in mere stick balm.

We’re no longer surprised blue, purple and green socks? So Givenchy has decided that ink blue is the most it. And I think it has paid off.

The abundance of shimmer in the balm stick and his size seems to be that the balm should be thick and rough, and the shimmer will cling to the lips. In fact, this is completely wrong.

The balm glides on effortlessly, shimmer does not feel and does not cling to the lips and lays evenly without bald spots.

On the way we certainly not a blue coating, and blueberry, very bright by the standards of the balm, with a scattering of shimmer on the lips.

Balm not peeling stresses, not rolled in white stripes, but is hammered into the folds of the lips. The brighter the coatings, the more clogged. Perfectly softens lips, has a bright hue akin to the lips, does not spread outside the contour and not sticky. It will easily outlast a Cup of coffee, but after a snack/lunch balm will need to be updated. Easily removed by cloth.

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And you fell for this collection?

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