Givenchy Le Vernis #12 Strong

Continue the story of the products of the spring collection of Givenchy and varnish in shade #Strong, published in this collection.

After updating the line of lacquers, the brand Givenchy was the issue of limidi. Even more interesting Chanel. In the fall 2018 collection was amazingly beautiful Burgundy lacquer and now the brand has graced us with a tinge Strong.

Polish is a liquid consistency of jelly, at first I thought that it would be glass, but when compared (will Swatch below) with Chanel Sunrise, I realized that this shade of the glass is still very far away.

Ink blue, not a drop of violet. Very clean color. Be sure to apply two coats, as one will be slightly see-through and lies are not exactly uniform. To the dosage you need to be accustomed to, can become numb to the cuticle.

Due to the fact that the coating is thin, the nail Polish can emphasize bumps on the nails, this can be corrected with the help of the top. The second important point — the first color paint is covered with tiny bubbles on the little finger. So not to say that this was absolutely handsome he is not capricious. It must be approached with caution. And of course understanding😀 Not dancing with a tambourine, but does not paint himself.

Now to the obvious advantages. Strong easily washed off, does not stain the skin and nail plate, not smeared. Especially notice the contrast with the same Sunrise is terribly thin and slightly stains the skin.

Durability — 3 days in two layers to the base with the top. Top of this varnish is necessary, as its own gloss on the second day of ugly tarnish. Dries in 15 minutes.

It’s hard to call this nail Polish in the spring and the collection is in shades of pink, it looks so contrasting dark stain. But why it seems to me that ecomaniac Strong will not leave without attention.

If anyone is not familiar with the brush of Givenchy, in principle, it is similar to Dior, but for my narrow and small nails are not so comfy. Favorite course LIS 🙂

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If you compare this shade Strong with the famous Sunrise Trip, it is impossible to call them similar. See for yourself

Sunrise Trip — the thick purple glass, is so capricious that I never could get used to it. Love and hate. Always fight when painted.

Chanel is more problematic, but the shade is incredibly beautiful. Givenchy Strong in this respect, stable quality paint. If you wanted the ink blue, do not miss the opportunity to purchase.

Your Nadya

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