Givenchy Limited Edition 2016. Poudre Lumiere Originelle

In 2018, the brand launched a highlighting powder Givenchy Teint Couture Shimmer Powder, which is painfully similar to powder 2016 Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle.

Over the past I raced headlong, and when bought β€” could not find the time on the photo. Summary: the dust has lain in a box with cosmetics for a year (!!!) completely untouched :))

I invite you to look at. And interesting to compare it and the current limitto πŸ™‚

Compact powder box from glossy black plastic with pale pink logo of the brand. Closes with metal riveting. All high quality, expensive and beautiful.

Anther, brushes β€” anything that isn’t included. Only the mirror and the plastic plug inside.

The trick of powder β€” this embossing. It just magically beautiful!

Erased 2-3 weeks of daily use hard brushes.

Texture β€” soft, silky, but it compacted very tightly. Powder absolutely not dusty.

But the reverse side of the coin β€” the difficulty of recruitment. Not every brush it actually gained. Soft you can immediately put aside the synthetics. Ideal β€” barbed brush-broom for the Guerlain meteorites. Here it picks up powder very well. But the tunic the face.

I would have preferred that the powder was still soft and dusty. These daily dances with a tambourine and biting of the brush β€” kind of fun :/

The shade of powder β€” white with a slight pink undertone. It fits exceptionally fair-skinned with cool/neutral skin tone. If you ever micron with yellow undertone should apply a very thin layer, not to obtain at the output face of a geisha.

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Very cool blurit the skin and gives it the same sleek glow, which if from the inside. There is no glitter, as in Meteorites. Only a very delicate, gentle and natural glow of healthy skin.

Looks great on the camera. Highlights where necessary + hides enlarged pores and relief.

Skin without powder.




Resistance in the heat for combination skin β€” 4-5 hours. In the cold β€” about 7-8.

Goes beautifully, or rather just disappear of the skin. A couple strokes of the brush and cover as new.

Summary: the product is really very nice! But it was not worth that kind of hunt that I gave πŸ™‚

If I knew in advance about her hard pressing β€” definitely would not have bought.

But those who liked it β€” it still actually buy online.


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