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Well, wait spring! Finally started sales of the spring collections! I was waiting for this moment — they are often fragile, delicate, a little infantile, I have always associated with streams of melting ice in the March sunshine. Although the beginning of spring for me is April. When you can unbutton your coat, scarf in the wind so flying and pink candy lips, not with all that.

Last week I went shopping, checked out all the spring collection that came out by that time and walked away with only buying the current releases — varnish Givenchy (and took the Shine from the updated last spring line, for a long time it looked odd but somehow not with his hands).

By the way, the spring Givenchy almost the only European brands that I liked. And then only in the form of varnish. On the promo I liked (as often happens) spring Dior, but in reality… no, not hooked (as told to my dad))) ). Although the shade there codeeasy! This pearl surface! I even regretted that the shades are not mine. All other brands is almost past, unless you look something from Guerlain and Clarins (Staa?). The main focus will again be on the Japanese, and have already started!

So, spring Givenchy. Past and future.

Givenchy 12 Strong

The brand renewed its line. Direct great. Bottles even stayed in the same form factor, but the lid was very stylish.

Givenchy began to produce limiti. It pleases. I hope they don’t stop on what achieved in the past 2 times its lacquer runs, and will take up the matter with more enviable permanence and cool ideas.

Strong — that’s cool. Nuuu, it is not unique Yes. Who has not seen ink? The same Chanel did it as much for 2 times. But for Givenchy, I think it’s a great course. Although, again, the same Givenchy’ve done and lucky a few years ago, but somehow everything went quiet, without emotion. But there is another, more wearable texture, great brush and faith in the future))

The jelly texture. Complex. Really cool and easy in the application of varnishes in the texture of the jelly a bit. That comes to mind is YSL and Deborah lIppmann. Well, try here.

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The devil, well, beautiful!

You have probably noticed the difference in shades between the nails? It is a small experiment, and (spoiler) Givenchy it easily passed. The pinky and index finger I painted 2 coats, very thin, and middle and ring — 1 middle layer. Varnish went amazing. Exactly, no streaks, no bald head. In a word, perfect. Except on average, I paid him more tightly, and why the color seems a bit darker. Noticed?

There are a couple BUT in this Polish. Finish is semi-matte, rubber of some kind. Not ale, in General. Top just vital! Second, because the Polish has a jelly texture, it is very demanding of top-drying. I now have 4 in use. 4, Carl. And no he did not come. 3 simply shabby pinched, and the fourth drip drying, dried well, but left unfinished some native finish arms with svezhenanesenny manicure held over the steam.

You will laugh, but to achieve such a finish, as pictured, I covered the nail… base! shines beautifully, but do not paint your nails before going to sleep, because everything will be imprinted on them)) today I had to duplicate the application.

Still only touching Strong in the store, I could not remember Violet Piquant from Chanel, released in the spring of DOP collection last year. The store had horrible lighting, and then they seemed to be almost clones. But in fact they were very good different. See. Givenchy although it gives the ink, but in fact it is more blue, respectively, in Chanel more purple. Both jellies, but Chanel just must be applied in 2 layers.

Notice the difference?

What do you like best? By the way, what paint Givenchy like more — 1 or 2 layer?

‘interdit Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Revelatuer 16 Noir

Black pieces lip gloss from Givenchy is my passion.

My first black lipstick was the very first Sky’s Lips 62, which was released in 2012. I hadn’t been interested in cosmetics to such an extent to be interested in limitami and look for them everywhere. Everything came a little later, and in 2014, I had to write the last (!) the lipstick with the us Sephora. Then there was the Christmas issue in 2014, then I didn’t like it reminded me of the scrub, and I was limited to only shadows and varnishes. But in 2016, when updated’interdit Rouge, I on the first day of sales grabbed another black. Then I have missed something, unknowingly and foolishly. And only in the autumn of 2017 took the black glitter from the autumn collection (with him, by the way, today is gonna be a comparison). Then there was black balsam in the autumn of 2018. I was waiting for the chance when I can meet you with the updated last spring with a line of glitter.

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In General, the change of the image of Givenchy I really like. She looks stylish, modern, bold. Especially in contrast with his old food))

This “feed” Givenchy like me here!

Black-black glitter with myriads of glittering particles. Don’t laugh, I above photo is reminiscent of black shiny leggings from school past)))) I was the color of Magenta, and my cousin, with whom I studied in the same class — black. And I thought she was a cool Chica)))

Oh Yes, the new sponge. The original idea, as much of it shouted the brand a year ago. I have Association one — V for vendetta, and G — means of Givenchy. I’m not going to confess his love and to call it super convenient… No, it is normal. By the way, a little Shine is his need to constantly dip into the tube. Not like. But it is beautiful. And unusual.

A normal transparent light black Swatch on the hand that is on the lips reveals much stronger. And brighter than your own lip pigment, the stronger the final result will be.

As usual, before and after. After is just a couple of minutes. From the my lips but better or so.

Shine a good. Better than its previous counterpart. There is always a solid color and density of color. There is always a light pleasant cream that protects the lips from chapping.

It is possible to drink, a little snack and not worry about their appearance (Yes, glitter). Lasts a long time for Shine for 3 hours, as if clinging to the lips. Strong peeling, suggest, emphasize the color (i.e. the color is a little brighter). Of the lips does not spread. The lips are not dry (OOO, I made friends once with butter YSL Tint-in-Oil, as it dried up my lips!!!). Well, the way, the previous Givenchy gloss also dries my lips. Literally a third dye top — all, Hello, starts, dryness and lumps on the lips. Don’t know how the future will behave like new Shine, but so far everything is going great, too!

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Well, visual comparison with the brilliance of autumn 2017. Old like very old to some, with a terrible design, it was like a Hello from the beginning of 2000-x)))

Style — lack of style:

Cool fancy name sponge some brush:

They both are similar, so it is (damn!!!) that is, the infection flow! Even in a standing position. They always stand me standing up, and even so manage to leak. Old Shine I have long smeared solely by the finger, holding them on the outside thread of the neck. New — already on the way to the same condition, although he is only a week. Fu…

Glad I captured this moment, but we have the sun came out))) But I switch Shine. Left new, right old. On the hand, does not particularly different:

Photo of the old brilliance. Here it is more of a puppet pink, foxiewire, and so he is often, especially if glitter to put a triple on. It acts as a tint and coats the lips in a not very this is my favorite shade. Photo immediately after application and a little later:

Well, the images of today’s heroes. Yes, the glitter is hardly noticeable and requires a “cold” companions — eye makeup, the rest part of the image, something has to support it:

It seems to me, lacquer and glitter made a good pair

Excellent office option. Or a good product for long walks when on the move can maznut lips.

And, as promised, I will try to upload pictures of what was painted:

What you want from the spring Givenchy? From the spring at all? Maybe something already bought?

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