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After 5 years of writing posts, I wanted to go back again on the.. There are how many new and interesting happened… But thinking about what interesting that I would write the first new post, thoughts immediately came a Limited set of two brands that are “on the wave” — GlamGlow & Becca “We know glow” ????

Start with the fact that both brands I like, hilitary Becca who just Shine on the skin from GlamGlow, so when I accidentally found out about the collaboration of the two brands, I decided that I need this set.

Dismantled it as tangerines before the holidays, but one still managed to find )))

A very small box in which, wrapped in pink paper, fit two products: face mask, GlamGlow GravityMud and the Becca highlighter in limited edition shade of Rose gold.

Of course what is all around “sexy” )))

Let us now consider the products separately 🙂

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Rose gold

Compact and well made case has a mirror that opens 180 degrees.

In the beginning, use the highlighter has a light sweet aroma, after some time, the case no longer smells like nothing… On the face, even after the purchase, the flavor is not there.

Print on simple geometric means, is erased gradually. The product itself is very economical, consumes slowly.

The brush is typed in perfectly, it is possible to vary the shade and application, from the bright blinding to slightly shining. The pores do not clog, does not cause irritation (I have sensitive skin and some military or powder may cause itching or irritation). If you have a regular highlighter Becca, this is not inferior in quality.

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Shade — rose gold, and very chameleonic, under one view, pure gold, under the other slightly pink. But have no fear of him, on the skin pink virtually no, Peppa pig does not become him even if you want)))

Miniatures weight 2.4 grams. Grandchildren certainly not enough, but will have time to get bored )))

Let’s take a look at the photo 🙂

The reverse side of the case.This as my highlighter after 1.5 months of use almost every day.As seen in the photo, however not even visible pieces of patterns.

Take a picture of the skin it is still possible, but on the face — hard.

The application of medium intensity at hand, without primer and other problems 🙂

Could not resist and decided to compare with popular Becca highlighter in the shade Champagne Pop 😉

Top champagne, from the bottom Rose gold.

When comparing the two shades immediately noticeable, which is pink ))))

On the face photograph was also not easy, in real life, I see a wonderful light, it’s not inflicted for more photos of the bust)

The light of day.

I like the way it illuminates the skin, of course, is not invisible highlighter, but I’m not a fan of those.

For those who like to glow could be seen from space, can cause intense ???? sometimes I like this effect, the sun generally looks “Wow” (in my humble taste) or for stage makeup how to.

In the cold light Highlighter looks too, with a cold undertone.

My rating: 5 of 5.

Look at the pink mask 😉

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Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment

Remedy improves skin elasticity.

About the masks, Glasglow probably already heard it all, someone loves them, someone not, but the fact that they have great and qualitative design, I think all agree.

Compact jar 15 ml, tightly screw-cap and protective membrane.

The smell of the mask is almost identical to the smell of Gloustershire or black new the can and enough sweet fruit, the skin remains for some time.

I’m not a big fan of masks-films, especially after I bought myself Korean masks-films which were torn almost with no skin O_o

Mask Gemglow also is very flexible and, most importantly, also elastic, without torture and tears, removed from the face. In her comfortable when she’s on the face, you can not freeze an emotionless MIME, the mask will not crack and will not mercilessly tear the skin.

She kind of bright pink color with addition of pearl. Looks integrame glamorous )))

What is the effect? The effect is a good tool to quickly refresh the skin before any event or in the morning. Can’t see the change of elasticity of the skin, maybe the effect will be on more Mature skin, but the fact that the face is more fresh, hydrated and glowing (not sequin) that’s a fact.

The average flow rate, this jar will last for 5-6 times.

Rating: 4 out of 5. (points off for the price if you buy separately, and for the fact that the tool is not the most must-have).

Other sorts of these masks are already planning to try, curious)))

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Price for whole set: bought for 14 euros.

Unreal profitable, when you consider that 1 this mask is more expensive.

Thanks for reading !



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