Glossier launched a new line of decorative cosmetics

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After the statement Glossier that it intends to conquer the European market in 2019, at the end of February in the Internet there was an active discussion of the appearance Glossier Play – a new brand of decorative cosmetics from the popular company.

Glossier is not long to wait and in early March, has launched a new product on the market – set Playground, which included gel glitter, nail Polish and pencil eyeliner. According to the manufacturer, each of these funds is persistent, allowing you to keep makeup during the day.

In addition to the set is the highlighter, valued at $ 20, and the whole set is estimated at US $ 60. This pricing policy seems very reasonable, considering that some brands only sell highlighter or lipstick for $ 40.

Meanwhile, market analysts admit that the buzz on social media will help initial sales, but about the full success of the makeup from a company famous for its’s skin care, too early to say.

Technology and skills required for the development and sale of means for washing face, are not necessarily effective for decorative cosmetics. In addition, one of the key differences Glossier from “traditional” brands, specializing in makeup, is that the latter rely on retail partners to sell their products, while the Glossier products are available exclusively on the website and in stores. On the other hand, this greatly simplifies the promotion of new products, as Glossier not need to simultaneously coordinate everything from inventory to marketing, to work with third-party retailers or to train partners in thousands of shops how to deliver clients the ideal sales conditions.

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In other words, the Glossier the Play is the culmination of a business model that founder and CEO Emily Weiss started to apply almost five years ago. While other brands aimed directly at consumers, making sales at Ulta or Sephora its purpose, Glossier, from the very beginning wanted to have your own distribution channel.

It meant to sacrifice a fast pace early on – brand, probably wouldn’t have needed four years to reach $ 100 million in annual sales if its products were sold in Sephora. But Ms. Weiss clearly appreciates the speed control: with flagships in new York and Los Angeles and growing online presence abroad she has a global platform to launch any new product.

This tactic allows you to call the Glossier modern version of Estée Lauder, and Glossier Play – MAC Cosmetics. The difference is that Estée Lauder has acquired the brand of decorative cosmetics in 1998 and was counting on business expansion. If Emily Weiss is serious to build his own conglomerate, she needs the money, given that Glossier is already collected 86 million dollars, perhaps we can say that in the future we should expect an initial public offering of shares of the company.

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