Glossier launches a new product during a global pandemic


This week of beauty brand Glossier released its latest product – the hand cream, which, in a way, precisely timed. In a period when frequent and thorough hand washing is crucial, these beauty products are the most popular.

However, managing a new product launch in terms of quarantine almost all over the world poses a challenge to any trademark, not to mention the brands of the beauty industry. Reportedly, the new formula hand cream was developed over two years.

The company originally announced the forthcoming launch of Glossier Hand Cream a few weeks ago through Instagram – and at the same time, the company has pledged to donate the first 10,000 units for medical professionals in the US working on the front line in hospitals, many of whom began skin irritation from frequent hand washing and long hours of wearing PPE.

“One of the most frequent requests that we have received during this time, for hand cream. As it turned out, our community is interested in the same. We worked on the hand cream, Glossier almost two years and I’m so pleased to present him this spring,” wrote founder and CEO of Glossier’s Emily Weiss in his open letter on the website of the company.

However, the company’s strategy to launch new tool requires certain changes. In accordance with the original idea of the brand, the team Glossier “wanted to create something that would have inspired the same that they had seen with a lip balm Balm Dotcom, a new product was supposed to be, something that is always on your Desk, what you share with colleagues, carry in bags, handed out to friends and can even tell a stranger on the train”. But given that conversations with strangers on a train is likely to be impossible for a long time, the brand had to change its approach to find other methods of communication with customers. Glossier is always touted themselves as a brand-driven community. Therefore, the company decided to recruit members of this community to help with photos for the advertising campaign of the product in terms of quarantine.

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“To launch Hand Cream, Glossier asked people from your community to share how they find comfort and take care of yourself and others right now,” – said in a press release. In particular, artist Christine sun Kim, photographer Suzanne Saroff, Mystery and Zhenya Posternak created unique visual elements of the product that will become an additional asset of the campaign.

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