Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch Petitfee – hot or not?

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Good day, dear readers, cosmeticly!

In this post I will share with you my opinion about many of the famous gold patches Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch from Petitfee.

By the way, these patches somewhere 6th in a row in my use, so I have something to compare)

I’ve tried Petitfee from patches with caviar and something else. And, honestly, they all are very similar. That is, if one eye glued a gold patch, on the other — black, the difference in the results you will see.

Themselves patches of transparent yellow color with Golden highlights, included is the spatula, which is very convenient to get patches.

I like these patches because they are very cool, hydrate and refresh the area under the eyes if was seluchenko, then they disappear, and a small mimic wrinkles are smoothed. Frankly, disregard the eye cream in the next couple of days after the patch, as the area looks good and does not require additional layers of care. I can’t say anything about removing swelling from the area under the eyes, as though while I do not suffer, but I think if you keep them in the refrigerator, the effect will be.

The product

Patches convenient form, occupy an extensive area under the eyes, I glue them to a narrow tip towards the outer corner of the eye, as the main area in need of treatment, is internal. But if you have, for example, the problem of “crow’s feet”, it is better to glue the opposite.

I use the patches on average once a week as needed, also like to use them after flights or travel, look immediately becomes fresher and makeup goes on smoother. According to the rules of the site I tested the product during the month in a day.

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By the way, many fear that if we don’t use patches within 2 months, they will dry and they will have to throw away. But it’s not like I can use the packaging and patches for 4 months and they do not dry out as liquids in the package enough 🙂

Testing period: 3 months

Price: 650 RUB per 60 pieces

Rating: 5

So, I can safely recommend you the patches Petitfee, so they really perform their stated function, and I don’t want to do without them, for me it’s a lifesaver after the flight and just) Hope you are

Your Vic ????

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