Gold rush with Lime Crime Venus XS Solid Gold Eyeshadow Palette Mini

Today’s makeup is no surprise: brown cheeks, gray lips, red eyes. In this fireworks of colors and trends are sometimes not enough just basic palettes for each day, which is one accent I would have and evening. And the solution can come from not expecting — Lime Crime is still able to be in trend, an example of a fresh line of palettes-fours XS. Choosing between “Silver” and “Solid Gold”, I was mesmerized by the Shine of expensive metal and Anya succumbed to gold fever. Now you need to understand what the palette more: gold or rush.

Solid Gold my third palette from the LC, there’s 2 “goddesses” and the new XL. And the collection of best-selling BX. This information is here only for the understanding of good samples for sample I have. In relation to colors, this Sunny beauty definitely continues the tradition of popular predecessors.

Sturdy cardboard packaging, mirror, alas, I didn’t.

But in the textures there is a noticeable difference, at least for Swatch it is not immediately clear.

For purity of experiment it will show all the shades one by one.

Trinket. The first is a matte brown.

Trinket. Matte brown. Terracotta, as I see it, more red than the official swatches. Color smooth, shading is easy, versatile, good in the crease and solo.

Aureate. Limoncello. Honestly tried to show his color, but in my optics it is difficult, therefore, believe in the word. Chameleon/duochrome, at a certain angle or transparent cold gold, texture satin. It is because he bought the mosaic, had justified itself by 100%.

Glided. Gold gold, more warm and dark than in the native switch. A very controversial man. Could fit in there good, in the face of crumbling the hard sand. Ulaplus them all the first time, and then the situation has not changed. Can be used as a topper, the solo is strange. And some do not lie with shimmeri Huda or ABH. If you are not a failure, so.

Treasure. Chocolate with gold. Well, that is just chocolate, because when applied to gold is not a trace remains. Such is the anti-magic. A thousand layers and pritoptyvaya the situation does not change. And Yes, the chocolate color is good, the work easy.

In the end, the palette was not base with a twist, and misunderstood me palette with as 50: 50. Perhaps if I was to compare, I’d say it’s good, but even Boot from Lime Crime Venus ll behave better.

Version of makeup in evidence, as she is good, but capricious.

It seems that with blue eyes it would be even better.

If you don’t care that the shadows themselves attacked myself and brewed coffee in the morning, pay attention to it. Palette this time was feeble four. The more that the 17 pounds it cost me, not so much. However, my desire to try the other four after this attempt somewhere evaporated, as the gold from the Treasure. On turn Lime Crime Venus XL II, is the most interesting as this pink-green goddess works. Has anyone tried, how do you?

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