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Good day, I think all bucholic familiar with the great British makeup artist Wayne Goss, who teaches everyone to paint, featuring all by yourself, giving original tips and recommendations, until now, he posts videos, and I try not to miss them.

Not so long ago he began to produce brushes under its own name, which are created in the same factory where they make the famous Hakuhodo brushes, but he invents a form and design, so the Japanese brand you will not find a similar brush, in some ways they are different. Wayne Goss brushes come in different shapes and sizes, made of 2 kinds of cloth, are represented in the collection, like goat and blue squirrel. Yes, brushes are not cheap, but here it is justified by the high quality and the softest pile, nothing colitis, all so gently, as if you Tusheti the shadow of a cloud.


Brush 03 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

Let’s look at my little collection of brushes of this brand until I got 5, but I think I’m going to fill it. First brush, if you look at the total photo, number 03, made of blue squirrel, the softest, and all subsequent, when washing does not emit any color, but I’m trying to clean the brush more gentle way, the instructions said that it is not necessary to wash the brush of natural cloth. This brush I use for the final blend, for dusting in hard to reach areas, for the application of highlighter, but if you want you can think of other ways to apply.

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Price: 32$

Rating: 10


16 Brush Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

The next brush is very similar to the preceding in form and size, but not on the pile, here tender goat, number 16, this brush works better for applying and blending eye shadow, as it is a better product and gaining it distributes also use it with powder, highlighter, etc. For detailed drawing brush bulky, more designed for shading and for areas bigger. At the height of quality, care spend of MUF for cleaning, brushes for about 8 months, not a single hair fell from the brush, looks like new, labels are not erased.


Rating: 10


04 Brush Small Eye Shadow Crease Brush

Next brush under the number 04, reminiscent of the 03, but it is several times less, so it is very convenient to draw the details, of the product enough, but in the goat it turns out more, there will have to layering, for some it’s a minus, for someone plus, but overdo it with color will not work, as everything is under control, if not enough you can easily add more. I brush happy enjoy use.

Price: 28$

Rating: 10


06 Brush Eye Shadow Blending Brush

Brush number 06 — flat, the part of blue squirrel, most of all I like to put it the shade on the lower eyelid, they like with her get flustered and merge with the skin, how brilliant were they not also delicate pile which delicately works with the eye, only bring a pleasant feeling of use. Still love to pull it to the corner of his eye, smoky withdraw the arrow, to work at the ciliary edge, General purpose heap.

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Rating: 10


Brush 05 Precision Detail Brush

The latest and small brush under the number 05, also happened to her love, in the corner of the eye apply something shining, please to study the ciliary margin, with no problems, is that something use it, the main desire.


Rating: 10

Data brush I chose long and hard, and thank God no one didn’t disappoint me now vish sheet are the tools for the study of large areas of the face, soon will please yourself, as have case. In the end, the brushes I’m satisfied at 100%, so I can recommend them.

Thank you for your attention!

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