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Expressive make — up is not only a smooth tone skin, juicy lips and long eyelashes. Play an important role eyebrow. How to emphasize their best side? Refer to the professional cosmetics Make up for ever.

I’m not a Pro in makeup eyebrows, I’m just learning. When choosing products I have had the task in convenience and ease of use, and the availability of water resistance and compactness.

Many brands offer us the most new, unique and innovative makeup tools eyebrow pencil, the formula, sweets, colony, shadows, wax, gels, mascara… How difficult it is in this huge assortment to find “your” product.

Tried all the listed products me neither… But here I met with Make up for ever Aqua brow kit. The tool is a set: the compact pencil case has two mini eyebrow brush and the tool itself, I call it a tint. Brush small, very compact, they are convenient on trips, at home, I use a regular eyebrow brush, a budget brand. Inalcik made of mesh fabric, enough quality, does not deform when wearing the bag/purse. He tint is a soft plastic tube with a long sharp tip of the pipette has a volume of 7 ml. given the fact that both eyebrows need tools the size of half a match head — it will last a very, very long time. A nice bonus is that the tool is water resistant. In autumn rain, winter snow, summer heat and trips to the pool — it’s perfect. By the way, the pool stand quietly.

My tool in shade 30 is a warm brown shade. Since I dyed my hair brown in hue, tint I perfect hair color. The line represented six or seven different shades to suit every taste and color. A separate plus.

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To use the tool is very simple: squeezing on the hand with a drop of half a match head, quickly dialed in the brush (on the hand you can choose the right intensity) and begin to paint the eyebrows as usual. Tool quickly and easily fills in all the gaps, very strong, sets up fast and not crawling. Correct, you can use concealer. With this tool you can not worry about the eyebrow thing can float away))) the Resistance for the day is provided!

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Price: 3200 RUB.

Rating: 5

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