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Today I want to talk about two relatively new products for removing makeup from the brand Dolce Milk: hydrophilic oil and micellar water.

Read more about each under the cut 🙂

My brand Dolce Milk has always been a manufacturer of shower gels and creams for hands. My great surprise was the fact that they released a whole line of products for the face: foams, gels, and even creams. But on trial I decided to take only 2 tools.

Micellar water 3 in 1 Dolce Milk the Clear Drops

This means I took the first. The packaging looks stylish and quite minimalist. I like that the bottle is transparent — visible to the rest of the funds. On all sides there is a sticker with the information about the product, but because of the transparency, the readability is reduced.

The manufacturer promises the simultaneous cleansing, moisturizing and toning. The composition includes the extract of okra is to prevent the appearance of acne and coconut milk for skin regeneration.

Micellar water is available in two volumes, I decided to start small — 200 ml. I like how the bottle feels in your hand. No dispensers are not provided, in the cover there is a small hole. The water is not poured a stream, for speed it is better to put pressure on the packaging. It is, incidentally, made of plastic, so it’s very easy.

Itself micellar water is a… water ???? It has no color, no smell. The second point, by the way, will suit those who do not like fragrances in these products.

Turning to the main point, but rather the effect, in short I can say: wow! You guys are great! But seriously, do micellar water perfectly removes makeup. To remove fluorescent light (tone, eyebrows, mascara) I have one (!) soaked drive. If makeup is more global, then two would be enough. A similar result was given only water from Vichy from all tested by me earlier. There’s even the famous micellaire from Garnier and some not worth it.

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The product does not dry the skin, causes no irritation/inflammation and the like.

After using micellar water I additionally definitely gets the job, despite the fact that the manufacturer says otherwise. So I removed from the face of the tool itself and make sure the quality of purification.

Given the fact that makeup remover just one or two cotton pads, the consumption of micellar minimal.

Well, actually after such a “wow” from the micellar water, I decided to try something else and decided to take another product.

Butter-milk makeup remover Dolce Milk Milk Touch Cleansing Oil-to-Milk

Packing oil the same micellar water, with the only difference in the color and the presence of the dispenser. Everything is also organic in the hand. A volume of 200 ml.

Dispenser of product of the pump and convenient. Spits, the portions gives average, does not stick and does not stain the packaging (and all around).

Labels all as bad readable through transparent packaging. The manufacturer promises to cleanse the skin without drying and irritation.

The composition of the oil contains the following oils: almond, avocado and jojoba.

On the consistency of the oil liquid, slightly yellowish, no odor I can’t hear. Spreads easily over the face and also washes off easily (harder to wash around the eye area, I remove the remains from this zone foam). Upon contact with water turns into milk, no foam.

In this case, Dolce Milk did not disappoint. Oil perfectly removes any makeup! After the skin is soft and tender. I am the owner of a combination type with oily T-zone, so this means use with caution — afraid for Shine and podkonicky. In this case, I product fit the bill perfectly! No “adverse” action was observed, only soft and clean skin.

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For a complete make-up remover is enough for me 2-3 taps on the pump (again, if we talk about the daytime makeup). Use in the classic version — distributed to the hands, then rubbing the face, paying more attention to the eyes, then wash off with water and after use the foam.

Consumption quite economical.

The tools I use alternately, together to use them makes no sense, each product is completely independent. And both can feel free to praise and recommend to buy.

Micellar water Clear Drops

250₽цена10/10оценка2 of the month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

Butter-milk Milk Touch Cleansing Oil-to-Milk

250₽цена10/10оценка1 a month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

With you Alexandra, to me!

I hope my post useful for you

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