Greet autumn with a lip pencil 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in the shade Conspiracy from Urban Decay


Approaching autumn, and that means it’s time to get sweaters and lipstick coffee shades. I, as a person, totally indifferent to the makeup of the lips, sometimes I want diversity in this case I have an Arsenal of lipsticks, from the most unusual colors like purple and black to the banal nadovich. But pencils in my purse — a rarity.

If I liked the pencil from the line of 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil by Urban Decay? Ask a cat.

Overall, I love the aesthetics of the brand Urban Decay — cosmetics design often leads to a complete delight. But not this time. Packaging is cute, but nothing more.

The pencil has a great texture — it’s not too hard and not too soft. Apply no bald spots and lumps, easily glides on the lips. The finish is matte. With sharpening is not a problem. Flavor is not quite, although I would like to hear something coffee with hints of chocolate, a shade for it.

Shade Conspiracy perfect for autumn. Beautiful dark brown, which changes its color depending on the lighting — when warmth appears a light shade of Bordeaux, under a cool visible hint of purple. On my lips the mountain-a-a-a-s more interesting than just in the packaging or when applied to the hand. Even if you compare and Swatch photos in full image, one can see a huge difference. I would have thought that this is one and the same pencil.

Lips I have sensitive — dry and bitten, don’t like cosmetics in principle. Rare lipsticks and pencils on my lips are decent.

The durability of the pen is great if applied solo, then calmly going through even a heavy lunch. But I use this method rarely, mostly prefer to apply the pencil in tandem with the lipstick. I have this Vivienne sabo Le Denim in shade 802 — they are perfect for each other. Not to say that Le Denim very capricious lipstick, but may not behave too well. Thanks to the crayon lipstick is not smeared and does not leak abroad, increasing its resistance.

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The cool lighting

Warm lighting

Price: 1350 roubles.

Rating: 5. I have no complaints about the pencil, nice piece.

Thank you for your attention!

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