Grow eyebrows. Castor oil

Good day!

Apparently this period in my life. All grow: hair, eyebrows. So to speak, on this occasion. And I want to tell you about the years of experience using castor oil:

I think everyone familiar with it. There is at any pharmacy.

Why eyebrows and eyelashes?

First, volume. Not seen once of castor oil in a large packaging. At least in its pure form, not in the form of a mask with castor oil in the composition. And 30 ml of the hair is one -maximum two masks. Or only as an optional component. By the way, this particular oil is for domestic reception. Although I use it outside.

Second, the area around the eyes is very sensitive, as are the eyes. And never this oil did not cause censures in this plan. No irritation and redness.

As for the result. It is manifested during the first 3 weeks of use. Especially noticeable on the lashes. Especially if you patted their capacity or simply active makeup.

Everything is very simple. Glass bottle, cork and cap. The tube would not lose, it retains integrity. By the way, the oil also deteriorates over time and from heat.

In my case, I put emphasis on the eyebrows. Visited me the bright idea to grow them. And I go now “beautiful”, and all wonder. At the moment, 2 month, grow. Those who have experienced this know that it is not hair grow very long and not as we would like. And sometimes did not grow. So for 2 months the result is satisfactory for me. I’m just in the evenings, apply the oil on your eyebrows and leave until morning. Not directly before bed and not in large quantities. It is quite thick and will not flow down the face. In the case of the eyelashes similarly. Smells like… oil! Not the most pleasant, but distinctive odor. This “before”:

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That’s after 2 months later. Pay attention to a number of short hairs at the bottom (this is my result at the moment):

In General, broaden the horizons:) In addition I want to note that negative attitude to hormonal remedies for eyebrows and eyelashes. Still, for me personally it’s a Grand experiment is necessary and for what?

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Rating: 5

Usage life: many years

Cost: 50 rubles

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