Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick #091 Electric

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The Christmas collection is not just limidi, this kind of traditions associated with new year. And one of these traditions for me personally was the purchase of Christmas Rouge G in red or near red color and no doubt a limited case. It is a holiday that is always with you. Well, in this case with me 🙂

As part of the collection came out 3 shades of lipstick Rouge G, and indeed this very long collection, but the box of gold soft leather this time removable ( I would prefer one piece) and must be purchased separately. I want all three limited-edition shade? Just take it in the same gold box 🙂 Well, or the case can be taken from the tenure.

And if it’s Christmas, the lipstick red of course. This year the House of Guerlain decided to make one dark cherry red color and two of some brown and beige, all with metallic texture.

I will once again talk about the design. I like it even with removable covers. Although after updating the range of lipsticks the quality of their badly abused and even bought a reserve of your favorite colours from the old collection.

Seeing the claimed effect metallic of course, I was a little tense, because they were afraid that the quality of the lipstick may be so-so, especially that I bought it without swatches.

The cherry was beautiful. Not a classic red, but festive. And Metallica, I did not notice much, only a little bit on the stick is seen.

The lipstick is medium soft and great falls on the lips, can be used without a pencil outline holds great, does not spread, does not flow into the folds of the lips and not sinking into the white stripes.

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To stick tint looks a little darker. Peeling is not particularly stressed. Although still depends on the size of the problem. I have chapped lips and it turned out pretty well.

The lipstick easily survives a snack and a Cup of coffee, the pigment in the lips eats. The lipstick is very comfortable, does not dry the lips, and even slightly softens them.

All the same, for example red leather case of tenure likes me a lot more. So to say richer looks 🙂

Well, small compared to limitli this fall Givenchy 26 Midnight Red

Givenchy a little more red and the contrast even like scarlet, Guerlain little more than a berry shade.

And you bought something from the collection?

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