Guerlain Terracotta Route des iles

My passion for Terracotta each year translates into buying a new bronzer, because every time they come up with something very interesting that I definitely want to get to the collection. By the end of summer I’m still ripe for the post.

Massive box made of wood rests on the magnets, there is also an optional attachment that gives a strong resemblance to a compass.

Honestly, I prefer the version bronzer that is just for the magnets, I think it is more logical and tidy. But 100% the compass!

Standout bronzer covered with gold dust, which is very quickly erased, so I was madly a pity to use it for, cherished, kept and awe got to admire. By the way, last year I was not able to touch))

I thought this bronzer was more soft than those I bought previously. Quite a soft texture that didn’t have “paint”, and a hard brush Terracotta here unnecessarily. The product is easy to type with a soft brush and is transferred to the face, well pressed, not dusty, does not stain, good shade.

Maybe I just haven’t bought a terracotta, but this version I really liked the quality and ease of application. Some older versions after months of use greasy and on the surface began to appear some pellets… And there are already a lot of time and no changes, which is very pleasing.

As for shades, this version has two colors, plus gold plating. The main segment is a light sandy shade of biscuit. In this segment there are Golden svetootrazauschii particles, I can’t even call it glitter or shimmer. On the face it gives you flat effect.

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The middle segment — a delicate peach with a matte finish.

The face looks very natural, overdo it this is bronzerat difficult. For me, this line is one of the best, I’m always confident that the tint will look good, no red cheeks, the unnatural stains and other unpleasant things will not happen.

Price:3 862 RUB


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