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Hello! In this post I will tell you about the products, which take care of their hair. Immediately say, that I’m not a fan of products just for hair, for me this is a basic routine thing, first and foremost, I expect the product, of course, does no harm, but also serves its main purpose without unnecessary problems.

My hair is naturally porous, wavy, light blonde, medium thickness, length to the edges of the blades. They lived a hard life, because, firstly, I started to clear somewhere in 14 years, and made it hard household paints, and secondly, I barely got rid of the habit to fall asleep with a wet head, thirdly, I often curl or straighten hair, fourthly, do not like to get a haircut and even trimmed the ends for me, drama and tragedy ))

Shampoo: SYOSS CERAMIDE COMPLEX For weak and thin hair

The powerful volume — 750 ml! The dispenser gives a little shampoo on my length hit 3-4 times. Shampoo the most ordinary unremarkable cosmetic perfume. The consistency of the tool is quite thick, it is such a good.

Promises: As always, we promise mountains of gold: to strengthen, reduce breakage, fill from the inside, to bring Breakfast in bed. I don’t believe that the shampoo is able, in principle, and it is not his job. I enclose a photo of part of the experts.

The result: I expect quality, but not murderous cleansing, and this shampoo is well up to the task. Nothing else he does not. Just cleans well. My standard regime of shampooing 2-3 times a week, and he is doing a great job. For that I thank him very much.

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Period of use: 4 months

Price: 150 rubles

Rating: 55

Conditioner: Shiseido TSUBAKI Damage care Conditioner conditioner for repair damaged hair

OOO, I’m ready to sing serenades under the window! Convenient packaging, 2 taps dispenser in more than enough for my length, plus being very easy. Conveniently, once the product runs out, you can purchase a replacement unit, not new bottle. The volume of the bottle is 500 ml, unit volume is 350 ml. Texture is not very thick, but not flowing over the hands, reminiscent of yogurt. Perfume is something divine, the Internets says that it is the smell of Camellia, this scent lasts on the hair for 5-6 hours.

Promises: conditioner promises to nourish damaged hair nutrients, prevent the appearance of split ends, facilitate combing.

The result: I expect the air conditioner will soften the hair, seal them, facilitate combing and to make them more cool. It performs all of these items. Hair feels thicker, but they are easier to comb, they are insanely smooth and pleasant, I want them to endlessly touch and even smell! About protecting the tips from section I can not say anything, there are too many factors play a role. Photos will have no effect, because if the result is not visible, you cannot use an air conditioner to make the poop taste good ))

An important caveat: the hair that are not in poor condition he most likely will not work, will Zornitsa faster, because the product really powerful nourishes.

Period of use: 4 months

Price: 550 RUB

Rating: 5+5 and my passionate love

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Nutrition: beautifying elixir GLISS KUR Oil Nutritive Elixir for dry and damaged hair

The bottle is sturdy, the cap closes securely, pump gives too much product, but it’s great and can give less if necessary. The texture is a thick oil, I Natura siberika, and compared to him, Gliss Kur is this some sort of sour cream. A volume of 75 ml. Smells sweet, with something honeyed and floral, but the smell does not stick to the hair.

The promise: to nourish and moisturize the hair without weighing it down. Short and to the point.

The result: I expect the oil will nourish the ends, which need more than just conditioning, that is, they will look smooth, shiny and well groomed. And so it happens. Hair overall look tidier, denser, shinier. The tips look nice and big. Unfortunately, with oil you can easily overdo it, so I put half a serving dispenser for 13 of the length, when they are still wet but slightly dry. Alternatively, apply to completely dry hair, then the effect will be even more noticeable, but also blurred the hair a little faster. To be honest, I use irregularly, sometimes once a week, sometimes forget or lazy.

Without maslas oil

Period of use: 5 months

Price: 350 rubles

Rating: 5-5, because it is quite easy to overdo it

Protection: Natura Siberica sea Buckthorn spray conditioner leave-in treatment for hair

The bottle closes securely although the cover is, I think, will not withstand the fall, she’s fragile. Atomizer super spits, gives the perfect amount of liquid. I have the whole volume 13 goes somewhere 7-8 such zilch. Consumption average. I don’t like the smell, something floral, it seems to be nice, but it just annoys me, especially when, after applying makes styling easier.

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Promises: to facilitate combing and styling, making hair more thick and dense, to protect from heat.

The result: I expect protection from the rich formula in the first place. I don’t know… I do Not see a positive difference with him and without him. A negative aroma, as I said, just a feeling that this step was unnecessary. Immediately after the air conditioner has come, and with oil already quite a problem. And laying with him falling apart faster. In General, I use it from time to time just because can’t bring myself to throw out unfinished products. The cross section of the tip also does generally not affected.

Term of use: about a year

Price: about 500 rubles

Rating: 35

These are the things )) my name is Sasha, let’s discuss!

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